Interchangeable Face-plates Let you Customize your PS4

Interchangeable Face-plates Let you Customize your PS4

Y’know that glossy plate found on the face of the PlayStation 4 console? Well, as it turns out, that little bit can be interchanged with other faceplates thanks to Sony’s recently-unveiled Project SkyLight, which is is a Beta project that’ll allow for PlayStation 4 owners to customize the faceplates of their current-gen console.

Similar to how the Xbox 360 could have its faceplate interchanged with others, the PlayStation 4’s variant of Microsoft’s effort to allow for Xbox 360 owners to personalize their console will let owners of Sony’s new console slap on different plates associated with a selected game of their choosing.

While currently costing $25 a pop, there are only two faceplates to speak of at this time: LittleBigPlanet 3 and The Order: 1886 respectively. However, as the project is still in its testing phase, it is promised that more faceplates will be made available later on down the line.

We hope you’ll enjoy these two custom faceplates. We are planning on launching new faceplate designs in the near future so check back often. We are also planning a few other fun enhancements to this personalization initiative and will have more to share soon. ” Sony Computer Entertainment America’s vice president of platforms, John Koller, said in the company’s announcement post.

These two faceplates are in short supply, so if you want to get your hands on one of your own you’ll have to head on over to the Sony Store as soon as possible.

You can watch demo footage of the PlayStation 4’s interchangeable faceplates via the embedded video below. We’ll bring you more news on Project SkyLight should further information reach our ears.

[ Source(s): PlayStation.Blog ]

[ Via: Engadget ]

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