Win a custom Bruce Lee themed PS4 in Mike Tyson Giveaway

Win a custom Bruce Lee themed PS4 in Mike Tyson Giveaway

A custom themed PlayStation 4 dedicated to Bruce Lee is being offered for a lucky winner of a giveaway hosted by former boxer Mike Tyson.

Originally cropping up on Tyson’s official Facebook page, the custom themed PlayStation 4 has come about due to Bruce Lee’s inclusion in EA Sports’ upcoming UFC, which was showcased at this year’s E3.

As depicted in the image above, the PlayStation 4, typically black, is colored yellow-orange and features a black paintbrush stripe that also surrounds a silhouette of Bruce Lee in action. A matching DualShock 4 controller completes the aesthetic.

The PlayStation 4’s new color palette represent the colors Bruce Lee wore in the 1978 movie Game of Death .

To win this special PlayStation 4, all you’ll need to do is like, comment and share the original announcement on Facebook. It is presumed that Tyson will pick a winner at random “ in a few days.

The only other variant of the PlayStation 4 is the white version that was announced alongside the unveiling of Bungie’s Destiny’s Closed Beta and pre-Alpha at this year’s E3. The white PlayStation 4 will be available as a bundle with a copy of Destiny , and it is currently available only in the US.

Sony has yet to announced if the bundle will release outside the US, or whether or not the white console will be released on its own.

You can find the original announcement via the source link below. EA Sports’ UFC released back in mid-June for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Feel free to re ad our Angelo M. D’Argenio’s PlayStation 4 review of the game if you’d like.

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