Troy Baker Believes Games Can Bring Social Change

Troy Baker Believes Games Can Bring Social Change

A recent Reddit AMA has revealed Troy Bakers thoughts on video games and how they affect social change. The recognized voice actor behind titles such as The Last of Us , BioShock Infinite and more, Baker received a heartfelt ask from a Reddit user who told her story about how the PlayStation 4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son (Baker voiced the protagonist Delsin Rowe) helped her through her mother’s death.

While expressing her personal thanks to Baker and the team behind Infamous: Second Son , she asked whether or not he believed games “have the power to change people’s [mindsets],” referring to the social issues brought up by homosexuality, race and imigration and whether they could be tackled and influenced in video games as an example.

“You are the proof that they can, and that they are. They are doing just that,” was Baker’s response. He also acknowledged how games can help comfort people, and how they can both teach and allow for escapism at the same time. He added that people like the Reddit user who asked the question are “proof [games] can do much greater things than just entertain.”

As for the Reddit user’s question, Baker believes games are already bringing about social change, saying that the conversations sprouted by these issues “spearhead true change.”

“I see the conversations that were sparked by BIOSHOCK , Infamous, Last of us , that touched on very relevant, serious, grounded issues like homosexuality, loss, racism, nationalism, and the conversations that were had were not over how to defeat this boss or this level but it’s what it means to us as people, as a culture. And those are the conversations that spearhead true change,” he said.

You can catch up on Troy Baker’s Reddit AMA via the source link below.

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