Twitch is Establishing “Complete Transparency” in Sponsored Videos

Twitch is Establishing “Complete Transparency” in Sponsored Videos

As published over on Twitch’s official blog on Thursday, October 2, it has been revealed that the game streaming service will be pushing to establish “ complete transparency ” between streamers and viewers to provide clarity on sponsored streams.

While we have always encouraged our broadcasters to acknowledge if they are playing games as part of a promotional campaign, we are now establishing a much more transparent approach to all paid programs on our platform and hope that it sets a precedent for the broader industry, ” wrote Matthew DiPietro, Twitch’s vice president of marketing and communications.

Simply put: we want complete transparency and unwavering authenticity with all content and promotions that have a sponsor relationship, ” he added.

Twitch made this decision because, sometimes, some kinds of “Influence Campaigns” (a campaign in which a popular celebrity streamer drives awareness of a particular game or product proposed by an advertiser) lack any clear distinction of whether or not they are sponsored, particularly if the relationship between the sponsor is less-than-transparent. DiPietro expressed that these sorts of campaigns have become “ a bit of a dark corner in the industry, ” which he professes is bad for everyone.

For these reasons, ” DiPietro continued, “ gamers can tend to look skeptically on the ecosystem because they don’t know what is paid-for content and what is not. It also opens influencers to potential criticism.

In order to indicate whether or not a stream is sponsored, streams will be tagged with new graphic additions to the front of videos: a “sponsored” tag, which will also extend to sponsored newsletters. Relevant tweets via Twitch, such as a stream announcement or update, will also be labelled as such if they’re also sponsored.

We’ll bring you more news on Twitch should further news reach our ears.

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