Valve Removes Purchases from iOS Steam Link

The Valve and Apple story seems to finally have a conclusion, one with a key compromise. While Steam Link has been in active beta on Android, the iOS version almost made it to a public release, before being suddenly unapproved by Apple. The issue was the ability to make purchases within Steam Link, which Apple objected to. Apple then recently changed its terms of service for app developers, ostensibly making Steam Link ok again. Now, the app has reappeared in a testing environment, but with a key feature removed.

This news comes from Touch Arcade, which has confirmed Steam Link has reappeared on TestFlight. It functions as well as it did before, but now you can’t make purchases or specifically add credit to your Steam Wallet. This seems to be the compromise, so Valve no longer needs to make semantic arguments to justify the app. However, you can still use your Steam Wallet to make purchases, assuming the credit is already there.

Source: Touch Arcade

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