Video Game Day Gains Traction*

Video Game Day Gains Traction*


A worldwide holiday is being proposed, a holiday in which everyone takes a break to play and celebrate video games. That’s Video Game Day, or VG Day as it will soon be known. So break out your multiplayer modes and extra controllers and make sure your neighbor has got game.

An international group of renowned lobbyists are proposing a national holiday in recognition of video games, one of the most popular technical phenomena of all time. To be called VG Day, this holiday will provide a much needed long weekend during the month of February. Since video gaming is popular worldwide it’s hoped this holiday will be celebrated by the entire planet. VG Day will involve the playing and sharing of games with people all around the world, many of which may have never played a video game before.

“We are confident this will come to pass,” says enthusiastic organizer Maggie Mayou, “I have talked to presidents, kings, dictators, and despots and they all agree the world could do with another holiday. We chose video games because of the industry’s incredible impact on the world. Games have outsold movies for almost a decade now. The games of today are smarter and more sophisticated than ever. Researchers have proved they make kids more intelligent. And even though the games may be violent, they tend to decrease violent behavior in players, simply because it’s a positive way to get their aggression out,” Mayou says.

Organizers of this new and controversial holiday are also quick to point out that the multiplayer and online components of games help bring people from around the world closer together. People in different countries play with and against their counterparts in other parts of the world, creating bonds that would otherwise not occur. Organizers believe that by promoting gaming through a holiday will further the cause of goodwill throughout the world.

“Let’s face it,” Mayou says, “All of the major holidays involve massive merchandising. What’s Christmas without presents? What’s Easter with candy? And what is Valentine’s Day without chocolates or flowers? Not to mention Halloween! These holidays have become artificial. VG Day will always be about video games. It will never lose its true meaning,” Mayou concludes.

VG Day enthusiasts are already planning parades that will feature the major gaming mascots of past and present. Expect to see floats, balloons, and costumes honoring such icons as Pac-Man, Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, Link, Mega Man, Spyro, and Pikachu to name a few. The celebrations will last all afternoon when a corndog and Coke feast will take place just before the planet settles down to an evening of gaming. What a wonderful world this will be, if only for a day.

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