War Of The Human Tanks – ALTeR Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

War Of The Human Tanks – ALTeR Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

War Of The Human Tanks – ALTeR Easy “Foil Hats” achievement

Have all the tanks in the party wear foil hats to get the “Foil Hats” achievement. They will prolong the effects of scouting and interception for a single round, but lower transmission speed.

Easy “I Scream” achievement

Successfully complete Cavern #73 to be able to develop and assemble the Mirage tank. Win a game using only the Mirage tank to get the “I Scream” achievement.

Easy “Lethal Cuteness” achievement

Successfully complete Cavern #24 to unlock the Cat Ears command tank. Win a battle using only the Cat Ears tank to get the “Lethal Cuteness” achievement.

Easy “Shot The Albatross” achievement

Using either the win or lose route, the final battle will always be against Albatross. The small, normal, or big version depends on how many tanks you have killed before this map. The limits are under 150, 150 to 299, and over 300, respectively. Completing the storyline three times with the required number of tank kills will give you all three versions of the Albatross.

Easy “Sniper Elite” achievement

Speed-Kill the command tank with a Sniper tank. Consider doing this on Map 001. Deploy a Koharu unit with a haste device. Scout, then deploy Nagisa with a haste device. Kill the command unit to get the “Sniper Elite” achievement.

Easy “Strangelove” achievement

Get an instant wipeout using a radiotoxic bomb to get the “Strangelove” achievement.

Easy “Twin Win” achievement

Win a battle using only Ruru and Rara to get the “Twin Win” achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

    A Closetful of Hats: If only they wore helmets too…
    A New Enemy: A fourth force has appeared…?
    ALTeR: Completed every achievement in War of the Human Tanks – ALTeR.
    Altered Future: Completed Episode 8.
    An Exercise in Futility: That’d better be the last one…
    Beat Them to the Punch: Let your fists do the talking.
    Blood in the Snow: Completed episode 5.
    Cardboard Warrior Ruru: Completed episode 1.
    Daihon’ei Corps: The crew is back together.
    Devastation: Completed episode 2.
    Dreadnought Class: Defeated the mightiest train of them all.
    Ends Justify the Means: We won’t forget your sacrifice.
    Faster Than Light: It was over before it began.
    Foil Hats: Good for preventing hostile radiowaves… maybe?
    G-Ghosts don’t exist!: It’s rather cute than scary, though…
    Giant Killing: Defeated the Juggernaut of Void.
    Golgo 13: The lone assassin left no survivors.
    Half Human: Half Human Tank.
    Helmaniac: Gotta have all those helmets!
    How Deep Does This Go, Anyway?: Answer: deep.
    I Scream: It’s scarier than the enemy…
    I’m Not Homeless, I Just Like It Here: Cardboard Box Ruru activated.
    It’s Orange: Obtained the Orange.
    Lethal Cuteness: Meow?
    Most Wanted: Completed episode 6.5.
    Mystery of the Underground Civilization: Explored ancient(?) ruins.
    Overwhelming Odds: Completed episode 7.
    Shot the Albatross: Big, Bigger and…?
    Sniper Elite: For Excellence in Ranged Combat.
    Strangelove: Learned to Love the Bomb.
    Strayminator: 2.0.0.
    Super Patrol: Completed episode 6.
    The Dark Corps: Explored a world of illusion.
    The Gymnast: Defeated the strongest gymnastic formation.
    The Obligatory Hot Spring Episode: Completed episode 4.
    Total Control: Enemy technology has been contained.
    Trainwrecked: Completed episode 3.
    Treasure Hunter: Completed episode 6 (Alternative).
    Trimmed: Obtained the Nail Clipper.
    Twin Win: Together, the two are unstoppable!
    Ultimate Shadowboxing: Defeated the Illusion System.
    White Future: Reached the end of illusions.
    Yakiniku: Oh, yeah!
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