What I Want from Telltale’s Game of Thrones!

What I Want from Telltale’s Game of Thrones!

When playing the game of Game of Thrones …there are no continues. You win or you lose!

I would assume that, like many of our faithful readers here at CheatCC, people who love gaming also hold a special place in their hearts for the sci-fi and fantasy genres as well. I know I do, as Star Wars was my all-time favorite trilogy of films until Peter Jackson enchanted us with the wonderful world of Middle Earth (and I’m talking the Rings movies…not that Hobbit bullshit we’re seeing now). For a time, I can honestly say I ate, breathed and slept Lord of the Rings . The behind-the-scenes features of the extended edition box sets are like your own personal film school in movie making!

But alas, I admit I have strayed. I’ve found a new, more exciting lover in a little series called Game of Thrones (yeah…you’ve probably heard of it).

If you’ve ever wondered what Tolkien’s vision would look like with a solid R-rating, then this is the show for you! Imagine everything you love about Fellowship of the Ring , and then add in copious amounts of nudity and Gandalf the Grey dropping F-Bombs left and right. Remember that “ YOU SHALL NOT PASS ” scene on the Bridge of Khazad-dûm ? In Game of Thrones , it would instead sound something like “ F*ck off you worthless cunt…I’ll be the son of motherless whore before you cross this bridge !” Of course, the elements which make this show great aren’t’ so superficial as to only revolve around adult content. Based on the novels by George R.R. Martin (who works closely with the show’s producers), this tale weaves a web of fascinating characters, locations and epic story arches that would impress even the most harden of literary types. Some do criticize Martin’s writing style itself (stating the books are far less interesting than what’s seen on screen), but that is a debate for another day. Fortunately for us gamers, we soon will have another pathway into the world of Thrones outside just the literature and cable. Telltale recently tweeted out a teaser trailer hyping their upcoming release. Speculation suggests it may focus on the events depicted in the fifth book, fans are left wondering if they can truly capture the epic scale of this world in game form.

So, speaking as the obsessed fan that I am, here are a few key areas on my checklist I’m expecting Telltale to hit in order to count this as another success in their ever expanding portfolio.

The World of Westeros:

One of the most unique things about Thrones on HBO is its intro. It sweeps across an ever expanding map of kingdoms, as each season introduces us to new corners of realm. While much of the show’s last season took place in locales like King’s Landing and The Wall, I’d like to see a trek to lesser-known points. Braavos is shrouded in mystery and is apparently where young Arya’s fate will be determined, so getting to explore its streets and back-allies would be a treat. Also, we’ve not see much of the Dothraki homeland since Drogo bit the big one. Let me straddle my horse and gallop free I say! However, rumors suggest Deepwood Motte will likely make an appearance.

The Secrets of Westeros:

As the primary storyline plays out week to week, there are always a few sub-plots brewing just under the surface. Sometimes there is SO much going on in a given episode, it’s hard not to get your wires crossed. This lends itself to some wonderful gameplay opportunities. Huge seize battles are always fun, but the prospect of branching side missions (that plunge you even deeper into the seedy underbelly than the main campaign) is a welcomed one. Imagine the devious craftsman Littlefinger at the center, pulling the strings all around you (no one realizing they are but a puppet in his little game)!

What I Want from Telltale’s Game of Thrones!

The Characters of Westeros:

And speaking of Littlefinger (a nick name for Lord Petyr Baelish), he is but one of many truly engaging characters that make this show so great. Personally, I started watching for no other reason than to see Sean Bean become the king! After all, that’s what I expected, based on the promotional materials leading up to its debut. If you’ve watched, you know that’s getting a bit “ AHEAD” of myself (pretty sure I just wont the internet with that pun right there)! For this game to be successful, they’ve have to capture the actor’s chemistry in digital form (which is no easy task). Hopeful, some of the show’s cast will lend their talents to VO.

Luckily, that old stereotype of licensed titles = bad games no longer applies. While translating games to movies is still a nut Hollywood has yet to crack, recent titles like Jurassic Park, Back to the Future and The Walking Dead prove it can be done. This is me crossing my fingers in the hope that Game of Thrones for our consoles will be everything fans hope it will be.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must make a sacrifice to the Lord of Light. For the night is dark, and full of terrible games…

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