Where Pokémon Meets Professor Layton, Possibly. Sort of. Maybe.

Where Pokémon Meets Professor Layton, Possibly. Sort of. Maybe.

The popular Pokémon information hub Serebii.net has disclosed news of a new Pokémon detective game that’s currently in the works; it is said it will hit the shelves in 2015. The regional shelves in question have not yet been specified.

Going by previous trends of Pokémon games, I think it’s logical to deduce that this new Pokémon game will launch first in Japan. However, since the global release of Pokémon X and Y , perhaps the launch of this game may be different. Considering it’s not expected to come out for another two years, it’s a tad bit early to worry about such things.

Originally mistaken to be a sequel to Pokemon Trozei , this game has you play the role of a detective, and you have a little Pikachu buddy as a partner, to presumably help you solve mysteries.

Allegedly being in the development cycle for the past two years, the game’s antagonist is said to be another (apparently rare) Pikachu. I think this is quite a curious maneuver, to make the mascot of a franchise an enemy. It’s the first I’ve heard of such a thing in the Pokémon universe.

What’s more is that the game is said to apparently feature a third Pikachu, only this one is blue , and can talk ! Considering there are no naturally blue Pikachus in the Pokémon universe (as far as I’m aware), I’m going to hazard a speculative guess that this blue Pikachu is the rare antagonist Pikachu.

Since its launch date isn’t until well into the future, it’s very likely that this Pokémon detective game may be changed significantly from what has been currently disclosed by the time it hits the shelves, as it is said to be still in early development.

Okay, so about that title. I think it’d be a very interesting move to make a sort of Professor Layton -like game within the Pokémon universe. The comparison doesn’t necessarily have to be Professor Layton ; heck, Sherlock Holmes would be a more accurate analogy. Solving mysteries, hovering a magnifying glass over absolutely everything in sight, discovering the truth about how the antagonist Pikachu is the enemy, uncovering a sinister plot, and finding an explanation for why the blue Pikachu can talk, and why it’s even blue in the first place, all sound very Sherlock Holmes like.

By its concept alone, this detective Pokémon intrigues me. I’m interested in seeing what becomes of it later down the line

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What do you think of this detective game based in the Pokémon universe? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to Serebii.net . Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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