Dr. Mario Cheats & Cheat Codes for Nintendo

Dr. Mario Cheats & Cheat Codes for Nintendo

Dr. Mario Summary

A man of certainly many talents, from plumber to race car driver to kingdom saver to party goer, the very icon of Nintendo, is also a doctor. This red-grabbed plumber is both a character in Super Smash Bros and has his video game series! Seriously, is there anything that the plumber can’t do?

Dr. Mario was released in 1990, around the time the hit game, Tetris, was released. Looking to cash in on the popular puzzle game format, Nintendo made this puzzle game much like Tetris, but not without adding a few twists and turns of their own.

©Screenshot from Super Mario Bros.

See, much like Tetris, the goal is to destroy all of the viruses (red, yellow, and blue ones), the player uses a series of capsules to eliminate them (when four capsule pieces/viruses of the same color line up in a row.

Dr. Mario Premise

As one might expect from an older game such as this, there isn’t any main plot this time around. Save that the familiar plumber is doing his job and destroying viruses by way of colorful pills.

Dr. Mario’s Main Characters 

Perhaps to no one’s surprise, this will be a short list.

  • Dr. Mario. The title character! You know him, you love him. Mario is a man of many talents.
  •  Fever. The red one.
  •  Chill. The blue one.
  •  Weird. The…green one. Probably the worst of the lot.

Dr. Mario Titles of Video Games in the Series 

For this, we will only be covering games found in the Dr. Mario series itself, not the greater Mario franchise.

  • Dr. Mario. (1990)
  •  Tetris & Dr. Mario. (1994)
  •  Dr. Mario 64. (2001)
  •  Nintendo Puzzle Collection. (2003)
  •  Dr. Mario & Puzzle League. (2005)
  •  Dr. Mario Online RX. (2008)
  •  Dr. Mario Express. (2008)
  •  Dr. Luigi. (2013)
  •  Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure. (2015)
  •  Dr. Mario World. (2019)

Dr. Mario Cheat Codes 

There are four!


During the game, simply press A+B+SELECT+START simultaneously. It will bring you back to the game’s title screen.


If you beat levels 5,10,15, or 20 on medium or high speed, you will get a small cutscene. Also, level 20 on low speed.

Special Animations

Finish the following Virus Levels on the corresponding Speed setting to view a special animation:

Level 05 – High

Level 10 – High

Level 15 – High

Level 20 – High

Epilogue Animation GB

Complete Level 20 on any difficulty to view the epilogue animation.

Dr. Mario Cheat Code FAQ

What is the famous Mario cheat code? Also known as the Konami Code. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.

Do Mario games have cheat codes? A few do, but this is about Dr. Mario, and you can find the cheats above! Note, that the Konami Code in question doesn’t work for this game.

How do you win Dr. Mario? In multiplayer? Destroy all the virus! In single-player? Destroy all the virus!

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