Little Nightmares II Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

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Little Nightmares II Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Little Nightmares II is a 2021 puzzle-platform horror game developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Despite being a prequel to the original Little Nightmares, the game expands on the gameplay of the original while keeping everything that engaged players in the first place. It was released on just about every modern platform, coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Critics responded to Little Nightmares II with praise, averaging out at an 82 on Metacritic. Sales were similarly strong, with the game selling one million copies within the first month of release. While Bandai Namco Entertainment has yet to release any further numbers in the years since, it’s safe to assume it has continued to sell, given a sequel is on the way. For a franchise still relatively new to gamers, these are great numbers indeed.

Little Nightmares II Premise

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Little Nightmares II takes place in a 2.5D world, where you must complete a series of platforming puzzles to move from area to area. You play as Mono, with AI companion Six assisting along the way. Both of these characters have different skill sets, and you must figure out the correct way to utilize them to progress. Stealth is a huge part of the game, with each area having enemies that you must avoid throughout.

All of this is set against a gloomy backdrop, giving Little Nightmares II a strong horror aesthetic. It’s rare to see a game as visually striking as this, with it all weaving together to form a uniquely brilliant package. With how many environmental puzzles the game features, you really feel like a crucial part of the world, having to consider everything whenever you enter a room.

The game is a linear experience overall, yet exploration still feels rewarding. It has a bunch of secrets hidden away, which we’ll get to talk about in more detail later. Here, you’re not just completing one puzzle and moving on to the next. You’re taking in the world, exploring every nook and cranny for something new to pop up and surprise you.

Little Nightmares II Main Characters

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As a prequel, Little Nightmares II brings back some faces players might recognize from the original game. This is a particularly story-heavy game, so each character is given plenty of depth throughout.

We’re going to focus on the three main characters of Little Nightmares II – here are the ones you’ll meet throughout the game:

  • Mono: Mono is the main protagonist of the game, appearing as a young boy with a paper bag over his head for the duration of gameplay. Throughout, he’s on a mission to journey to the Signal Tower. He has the ability to jump higher than Six, giving him a unique skill set while playing.
  • Six: Six returns from the original Little Nightmares. She’s instantly recognizable from her bright yellow raincoat, which stands out from the game’s gloomy aesthetic. After being rescued by Mono early in Little Nightmares II, she sets out to help Mono on his journey to the Signal Tower.
  • The Thin Man: The Thin Man is the primary antagonist of Little Nightmares II. He spends the game chasing Mono and Six, attempting to stop them from finding the Signal Tower. As he finds out, the duo are usually one step ahead.

Little Nightmares II Titles in the Series

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As lower-budget titles, the Little Nightmares games probably won’t be a series that spawns a series of sprawling spin-offs. However, there are two games in the series released already, with a third on the way next year.

Not every game needs to be a franchise, though. Fans of the series already enjoy Little Nightmares for what it is, and it’s exciting to see unique, lower-budget games thrive in the current gaming landscape.

Here are the Little Nightmares games released and coming soon:

Little Nightmares II Cheat Codes

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Little Nightmares II isn’t a game that lends itself well to cheat codes. As a result, there aren’t any that you can use in-game. It’s so story-focused that there isn’t really anything for you to cheat with! With the lack of multiplayer too, there’s no motivation to gain an advantage over other players.

Instead, it does have a series of collectible hats and glitching remains, so we’re going to show you where you can find them. These aren’t quite the same as cheat codes, but being able to find these hats and glitching remains so easily is the closest thing to it.

Little Nightmares II Collectible Hats

In total, there are 12 hats in Little Nightmares II. The first, the paper bag, is unlocked by default at the beginning of the game. The Mokujin Mask and the Nome Hat are found in DLC for the game, and the Thin Man’s Hat is given upon completion of the story.

You can find the final eight littered throughout the game – here’s our guide to finding all of the hats in Little Nightmares II:

Hat 1 – Raccoon Hat

The Raccoon Hat is found early in The Wilderness chapter, once you enter the house and its kitchen. This house should have a hallway you can walk down – head through and into a room on the left. You’ll find the Raccoon Hat on the floor. You can’t miss it.

Hat 2 – Rain Hat

The Rain Hat is also found in The Wilderness. You’ll reach a large gap which you must jump across. From there, you’ll see a bunch of cages hanging from above. In one of them, you’ll see the Rain Hat. You can climb your way up to this cage. Once up there, jump on it several times until it falls to the ground. Afterward, you can pick up the Rain Hat in Little Nightmares II.

Hat 3 – Soccer Ball Hat

When in the school playground in The School chapter, you’ll reach an area where you’ll encounter the school’s front door, locked. When here, jump over the railing and onto the dumpster next to the door. Here, you’ll find the Soccer Ball Hat.

Hat 4 – Tin Can Hat

Once in the library during The School, you’ll see a ladder up against a bookshelf. Move it over to the right and climb up to find the Tin Can Hat. This one is particularly easy to come across.

Hat 5 – Stuffed Bear Hat

In The Hospital chapter, you’ll come across a nursery attached to an X-ray room. This nursery has a bookshelf on the right, which you can climb to discover the Stuffed Bear Hat.

Hat 6 – Mummy Hat

The Mummy Hat is also found in The Hospital. Upon reaching the morgue, head to the left of the dissection table. There will be a small square door, which you can open to find the Mummy Hat.

Hat 7 – Postman Hat

During The Pale City chapter, you will find a room filled with unopened packages (you can’t miss it). Instead of jumping the large gap in the middle of the room, fall into it and head left. You’ll discover a hidden tunnel, where you’ll pick up the Postman Hat.

Hat 8 – Flat Cap

Later in The Pale City, you’ll find yourself in a toy store. Once there, push the shopping cart over to the shelf furthest left in the store. Use this to climb up to the shelf, where you’ll find the Flat Cap, the final collectible hat in Little Nightmares II.

Little Nightmares II Glitching Remains

In total, there are 18 glitching remains to find in Little Nightmares II. We’re here to help you find all of them as easily as possible. Do so, and you’re rewarded with a bonus ending for the game!

Glitching Remains 1

Early in The Wilderness chapter, you’ll come across a broken bridge that appears to be unjumpable. Jump into the gap, and head right. Instead of climbing back up the wall as intended, head around it to discover a secret tunnel. There, you’ll find the first glitching remains.

Glitching Remains 2

The second glitching remains comes shortly after the first. After sliding through a hollow log, immediately turn left and crawl underneath it. This will take you to another hidden tunnel, where you’ll find the second glitching remains in Little Nightmares II.

Glitching Remains 3

After escaping The Hunter’s house with Six, head to the outhouse instead of the shed. The handle will seem too high – don’t worry, Six will boost you up there. Inside, you’ll find the next glitching remains.

Glitching Remains 4

Right at the end of The Wilderness chapter, you’ll find yourself on a beach. By walking to the top of the screen, you’ll find the fourth glitching remains next to a TV on the beach.

Glitching Remains 5

The fifth glitching remains comes near the start of The School chapter, after you’ve used a TV to move up to the second floor. You’ll come across a staircase here – head up, and enter the first room on the left. There, you’ll discover the fifth glitching remains in Little Nightmares II.

Glitching Remains 6

In the playground where you find the Soccer Ball Hat, head to the tricycle near the top left of the screen. There, you’ll find the sixth glitching remains.

Glitching Remains 7

During The School, you’ll come across a bucket trap that you must avoid. After this, you’ll be in a hallway with six lockers. Pull open the third one along to find the seventh glitching remains.

Glitching Remains 8

After you’ve escaped the library in The School, you’ll come across a staircase with two options. Heading right takes you to the chess puzzle – don’t go there. Instead, head left, where you’ll find the eight glitching remains near the broken railing.

Glitching Remains 9

After completing the chess puzzle in Little Nightmares II, you’ll find yourself in the kitchen. The normal solution here is to move the metal cart under the vent, and climb out. Instead, enter the door on the left that was previously blocked by the cart. In this room, you’ll discover the next glitching remains.

Glitching Remains 10

Once you’ve escaped from the Teacher, both you and Six are left on the gloomy streets. Here, you’ll see an alleyway with a paper boat. Head down there to find the 10th glitching remains.

Glitching Remains 11

Now into The Hospital chapter, you can find the next glitching remains just after you find the flashlight. There is a room to the right of this – enter it, and find the glitching remains at the very back of the room.

Glitching Remains 12

Once you’ve completed the X-ray room and found the key, you’ll eventually find yourself in a room with a bunch of prosthetic limbs. Head to the back of this room for the 12th glitching remains in Little Nightmares II.

Glitching Remains 13

During The Hospital, you’ll eventually encounter a hallway with grabbing arms. At the back, you’ll see a set of bars that have a hole in the bottom right. Crawl through it, and enter the room on the left, where you’ll discover the 13th glitching remains.

Glitching Remains 14

The final glitching remains in The Hospital comes in the shower room. In the back left, you’ll see a box which you can move. Shift it out of the way to find a vent. Crawl in it to find the 14th glitching remains.

Glitching Remains 15

Immediately at the start of The Pale City chapter, you’ll find yourself on a street. Run to the top, where there is a manhole you can climb down. Do so to find the next set of glitching remains.

Glitching Remains 16

Once you’ve completed the elevator puzzle, run left, where you’ll find another movable box. Shift it out of the way to find a vent, where the 16th glitching remains are found.

Glitching Remains 17

Straight after grabbing the last glitching remains, head back outside and jump across a few rooftops until you can see the Signal Tower. You’ll find a climbable fence that you would normally use to progress – don’t. Instead, run behind it, where there is a window you can enter. Inside this is the 17th glitching remains.

Glitching Remains 18

The final glitching remains in Little Nightmares II can be found after the mailroom, once you’ve completed the zip line. Instead of going down the intended path, turn around and climb out of the window. You’ll find yourself on a roof, where you’ll see another open window. Enter it to find the final glitching remains.

As mentioned earlier, grabbing all of these unlocks a bonus ending, as well as the No More Remains achievement, so it’s definitely worth doing!

Little Nightmares II Cheat Code FAQs

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Are There Secrets in Little Nightmares II?

Yes! While Little Nightmares II is a linear experience, there are still plenty of secrets tucked away for you to find. The collectible hats and glitched remains are the biggest by far, and you can find them with our above guide.

If you find all of the glitched remains, you’ll even unlock the game’s bonus ending!

Why Are There No Cheat Codes in Little Nightmares II?

It just isn’t that type of game, really. Little Nightmares II is a curated story experience, meaning it plays out exactly as the developers intended. It’s possible that cheat codes could compromise that.

Without multiplayer, there’s no reason any third-party cheats should be created either. Players aren’t looking for a competitive edge of any kind – they’re just trying to play through the story!

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