WWE Raw 2: Ruthless Aggression Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

WWE Raw 2: Ruthless Aggression Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

WWE Raw 2: Ruthless Aggression

Unlocking arenas

To easily unlock all arenas, enter season mode. You do not have to play as one wrestler in season mode; just after or before a PPV save and exit season mode. When you enter back in season, choose a different wrestler. As you go through season mode and into PPVs, you do not have to win to unlock the arenas. Just go through the match types with no interference, rest, steal, etc., and go into your match. Try and get counted out. If you want to try to win fast, get your opponent counted out by beating him/her outside the ring and go into the ring at the last two seconds. Just play in the arenas and if you win or lose, save after the PPV. The arena is now available in exhibition mode. Once you get to Wrestlemania, if you do not have a title shot yet, check to see who is champion. Save and exit the game. Then, go back into Wrestlemania and choose the champion. Win the belt at Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is now unlocked in exhibition mode and you have completed year one of season mode. Also to get different PPV arenas, go to season mode and go through each PPV. Once finished with a PPV, you will unlock the arena and be able to play in it in quick start or exhibition mode. Note: You do not have to win a match at the PPV.

Unlocking exhibition mode bonuses easily

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Enter exhibition mode and choose Royal Rumble. Start out at the beginning. You must win the match with the wrestler you chose. Go through all opponents and win. Set the number of Royal Rumble participants to 30 . If you win, you will unlock something.

Unlocking all costume samples and superstar FMV sequences quickly

Use multi-players (a multitap if you have it). Set up season mode for two or more players . Play or get disqualified from the match your chosen superstar is in, and for the rest choose “Steal”. Always steal several times from each superstar for a show. Each superstar has two costume samples and one FMV sequence that you can steal. Use your multi-players to steal from more than one superstar at a time, and try to do it in an order or you will get confused as to whom you have already stolen from. You will have to go through the first year of the season mode to steal from all the superstars. However, it is worth it to get all these things unlocked. When the message “You have stolen dirty laundry” comes up, you have stolen everything from that superstar and can move on to the next one. After the costume samples are unlocked, you can use them for your created superstar. Also in season mode, successfully steal items from characters. Each character has two sample costumes that can be unlocked for CAW mode. For example, successfully steal an item from HHH to unlock HHH’s ring costume. Steal from HHH again to get his backstage costume. Additionally in season mode, when you do an interference, surprise attack, steal, etc., and succeed, there will be a 50% chance you will get new Create A Superstar abilities. Note: If you rest and you do that successfully, you will not get anything; you will just raise your vitality/spirit.

View custom soundtracks

Select the “Create A Superstar” option at the main menu. Choose a superstar to edit, then select “Entrance” at the bottom of the options. Next, go all the way down to “Entrance Music”. Press R a few times and you should see the soundtracks (if any) that you have placed in your Xbox.

Alternate costumes

Every superstar has two appearances. The first one being ring attire and the second being backstage attire. If you create a superstar and are planning to put them in a season, you might want to create a second appearance (for example, something casual or formal). Otherwise your superstar will be running around backstage as the generic create a superstar character (even when your superstar is female).

Changing costumes

A lot of wrestlers have alternate costumes in the create a superstar section. For example, Big Poppa Pump’s patriotic tights, HHH’S jean jacket, etc. To change these costumes, go to create a superstar and select the desired superstar to change. Go to their appearance. Then, select costume and go through all the types and textures. Select the one you want. You also can change the color.

Doing specials

Specials are based on the meter on the bottom of the screen. Doing different moves will build this up, eventually turning it bright red. Once this is at maximum red, specials can be performed by pressing X + A in a grapple. Some moves require different situations. For example, for Goldberg’s Spear, grapple your opponent while he/she is on the ropes, then proceed to press X + A. Note: Doing the same move repeatedly, such as punches, will decrease your bar and turn it blue.

Perform Standing Special/Finishing Move

When your Voltage meter is flashing up and down with the red lines, grapple with A, and press A + X at the same time. This will do Triple H’s Pedigree, for example.

Undisputed Champion

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Win both the WWE Championship and the World Championship to be dubbed the “Undisputed Champion”.

Momentum by chair

Have a “set up” chair between you and your opponent. Run towards the chair (with your opponent on the opposite side) and press Black to use the chair for additional momentum. Some wrestlers clothesline, some dropkick, etc.

Interfere forget them

When a superstar is entering the ring, repeatedly press X when they are on the ramp. Note: This does not work with superstars such as Undertaker, who is riding a motorcycle.

Easy season mode wins

Do a move with anyone . Then, do a submission move. Finally, press Start and quit (return to the main menu). You will win every time.

Easy Cage match wins

Grapple your opponent and hold a direction on the D-pad while pressing Black to smash your opponent’s head into the cage.

Win surprise attacks

Surprise attacks can always be won if you press Start and return to previous menu. This works if you surprise attack someone, or if they surprise attack you.

Brock Lesnar’s Shooting Star Press

Once you have your Voltage meter up, Irish Whip your opponent into the turnbuckle. Make sure he is facing you when he is stuck on the turnbuckle corner. Grapple him and Press X + A to do Brock Lesnar’s Shooting Star Press.

Goldberg’s Spear

Once you have your Voltage meter up, punch your opponent near the ropes. When their hands are trapped in the ropes, grapple them and press X + A. Goldberg will Irish Whip them to the other ropes and Spear them.

Goldberg’s Real Pyro

Go into Goldberg’s entrance menu and change the timing of the Pyro2 to 25.0 seconds and it should look like the real thing.

John Cena’s F-U Finishing move

Go to Create A Superstar and select John Cena. Go to “Moves”, then “Grappling”. Go to the move labled “X + A” and change it to the “Death Valley Driver”, which is in page 13 of the moves list.

Rey Mysterio’s Real mask

Go to Create A Superstar and select “Create”. Select Rey Mysterio, then go to “Appearance 1”. Select “Mask”, and go to “Misc”. Select “15”. You can change the color if desired. Then, select “Accessories” (still under “Mask”) and choose “4”. You now have Rey Mysterio’s real mask. You can also change it in “Appearance 2”.

Stupid AI

Set up a one on one singles match. Make both characters CPU controlled. When the CPU fights itself, the characters may get caught in a repetition of acts. When a character is in the ring and a character is outside, they will both go after each other with the same timing. Thus, one character goes after the one in the ring, while the other character goes after the one outside the ring repeatedly.

During season mode, the wrestlers with whom you have a beef with can interfere during some of your matches. However, they tend to attack your match opponent instead of you once the enemies run into the ring. The only way they will attack you is if you attack them.

If someone interferes and you hit the interfering wrestler with a weapon, you are the one that gets disqualified.

Sometimes when you Irish Whip an opponent and it seems as although they are against the ropes, they still look like they are running for several seconds.

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