Your Guide to This Week’s PlayStation Deals

Your Guide to This Week’s PlayStation Deals

Doctor…doctor…give me the news.

You’re sitting at work, staring at your watch in anticipation. Those last few agonizing minutes just won’t seem to drop off the clock. You await that moment with baited breath where you can jump in your car and race home. The beads of sweat have already begun to accumulate on your forehead, as your fingertips begin to twitch with that familiar sensation. That unmistakable feeling which only the rubber thumb sticks of a DualShock controller can provide. Your diagnosis is simple…you’ve got PlayStation fever!

Fortunately, the staff here at CheatCC have the antidote (we were once the cure for the common code ya’ know)! This week we are provided with a fresh batch of sales, discounts and freebies via the PlayStation.Blog . Upon first glance, it might seem like pretty conventional fair. However, as your on-call physician, Dr. Messer has dug deep into the pile and pulled out several gems that froogle-minded gamers like yourself may want to consider.

Here are a few this M.D. (which stands for “ magically delicious ” by the way) feels deserves a second look.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition – PS3/PS4 ($59.99):

If you’ve kept up with gaming headlines as of late, you’ve probably seen that the latest iteration of Diablo III is making serious news. The Ultimate Evil Edition ( which we at CheatCC have already reviewed for your gaming pleasure ) includes the Reaper of Souls expansion and a special 4-player mode. While a full $60 price tag might not seem like a deal; that’s because you’re looking at the PS4 version. If you’re willing to skimp on a bit of the next-gen polish, you can actually save $20 bucks by going with the last-gen iteration found on the PlayStation 3.

Rock of Ages – PS3 ($1.99):

Don’t underestimate this quirkily little title. While on the surface it might just seem like a beefed up port of what can be found on Google Play or the App Store, it’s SO much more than that! Actually, it’s not. I overstated it a bit. Aside from a nice set of controls and graphics you can only find on a console, the game has the same charm of a Candy Crush or Angry Birds . But therein lies the beauty. The simplicity of rolling a giant boulder toward your opponent is surprisingly addictive (no matter what system you choose to play it on). Now with a price tag of less than $2 …they’re practically giving it away. This could very well be the best value vs. gameplay in the entire store!

Captain America: The Winter Solider – HD Video ($19.99):

For my money the Captain America sequel has been the best comic book film that Marvel has produced since Avengers . While Guardians of the Galaxy is doing huge numbers and garnering rave reviews, I say the Capin’ is whose makin’ it happin’! Picking up several years after the alien invasion of New York, the film tells the tale of how Steven Rogers is acclimating to his new role as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the modern age (and the difficulties that arise as a result). Also; exactly who is this mysterious Winter Solider? I say if you were going to buy the DVD for $20 anyway, might as well go with the digital download. Much easier than physical media in my opinion.

Your Guide to This Week’s PlayStation Deals

Amazon Instant Video App – PS3/PS4 (Free):

You might wonder why I’m promoting a free app that is available for nothing on a regular 24/7 basis. Well, in the same way you’re seeing tons of viral videos of people taking the Ice Bucket Challenge (to raise awareness for ALS) I’m here to turn you on to this great little service which you might have overlooked. Amazon has become my go-to place for hard to find video content. If a particular film or TV show isn’t available on Netflix, HBO or Hulu (all of which I’m paying a monthly subscription for by the way) Amazon is usually my savior. The rental prices are fairly reasonable and come in both HD and standard definition (if you wanna’ save a buck or two). Next time you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for (and don’t want to make the trek down to the video store) give Amazon a try. You might find a new best friend.

So what will you be playing this week? No matter if it’s the current generation of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, or if you’re still burning through old classics on the PS3 and Vita, we want to hear from you! Let us know what’s keeping you up at night via the comments section below.

In the meantime; you’ll have to excuse me. I must get back to rollin’ giant boulders towards my enemy’s castle. Duty calls!

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