Madhouse: Rise of the Bots


Head to marker to start the madness.

Follow your objective to find robots trapping people in container boxes. Shoot the former and shoot open the latter.

Your objective is done when you've freed the people, but you may need to enter the containers before they realize they've been freed.

Follow the signal to a rooftop, where it's being cuddled by a stuffed toy. Destroy it anyway.

This also destroys all bots under its control, which *seems* like it must pose a danger to civilians, but nobody mentions it, so it's probably fine. On Gremlin's instruction, get in the Mongoose and put pedal to metal.

Each marker you pass through adds ten seconds to the clock, so don't be afraid to take an extra second of two lining up your jumps (speed isn't so important, as just clearing each jump will give you an automatic little boost). Also be careful of running into other LEGION miniobjectives (hate machines, patrols, etc), as these may replace your objective marker, but will NOT pause the mission clock. Complete the route, and head to the new disturbance.

Use your locator scan to find the transmitter inside the building lobby.

Shoot open the containers to free the civvies.

Some hell & swarmtroopers may try to stop you, but they're scarcely worth your time. Head to KW Robotics when prompted. Follow your locator to the indicated holograms, each of which will give you an unusual message.

The last triggers the inevitable ambush. Use your locator to find the three transmitters (each can also be ID'd by it's distinctive blue glow, and the fact that each is guarded by a pair of stationary hell-troopers).

Destroy all three, then kill any remaining LEGION in the area (mostly swarmtroopers led by a tanktrooper, and some kamikaze drones).

Once they're clear, the mission ends. This also unlocks the Mongoose, the last vehicle unlocked by a story mission.

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