Operation:Raging Arrow

Continue your rendezvous with Rama by heading to her next navpoint, by a large torii. Keeping tapping your locator en route, as should be a habit by now.

Activate the beacon to begin a solo mission as Rama. Rama is sniper with a hold-and-charge bow, but her starkest difference from the characters you've used before is that she doesn't have a dash. Instead, the CTRL key cloaks her briefly, until she attacks or interacts (or tries to hack something, alas). Start the mission by summoning your car and following the neon.

The area you're investigating lightly guarded, so there's no reason not to make every shot a headshot.

Hack the console and then, in what will become a theme for the mission, defend it from incoming troopers. Friday will warn you not to get too far away, but you can still range all over the plaza. You'll face many more guards then the few you just took out- a good strategy is to use all the vantages here to fire at enemies from a distance, then cloak and run when opposition gets too close. The hack timer is marked in the upper left of your screen.

When the hack is done, kill any stragglers, and pick up any lingering loot, including nearby crats (they tend to spawn in the lower levels).

Back into the car and to the next hack point, which is a cherry tree. There are no initial hostiles, but bunches will spring up once the hack is complete. And, even though you've already faced them by that first dropship dispenser, you'll finally get a title card for the swarmtroopers.

As quick moving, close combat types, the swarmtroopers are well designed to take out snipers (as long as they swarm in high numbers). The game will give you a tutorial on Rama's Death Trap super, which will help, but the key to taking them out with your bow is to wait for the right moment. Don't bother trying to peg them while they're springitng and leaping about at odd angles- wait 'til they begin to charge you, and it's like they're hurling themselves straight into your arrows (there also seems be a bit of a hitbox oddity here- arrows at normal head height will strike true, even if it looks like the trooper should be rolling well beneath them).

Clear out the baddies and drive to your next navpoint- another lift up to the high rooftops.

Hack the point, and prepare for both soldiers and swarmers. The key is not to get blindsided by the latter while sniping the former. If things do get hairy, cloak and set up somewhere else.

The final wave will be headed by a Helltrooper Commander. You can weaken him greatly with your special attacks, but once he's the last bad guy standing, a series of headshots will keep him stunned and harmless until he dies.

Killing the last soldier completes the mission, and unlocks Rama for your squad.

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