Braddock: Let’s Go

Have any team member hit the mission icon to launch Braddock's backstory cinema, and another very special recruitment episode.

Take control of Braddock with word that Vasquez, one of your erstwhile recruits-gone-bad, is in the city. The site is some distance away, so whistle up your wheels and make tracks. You'll be looking for a large red torii just past a bend in the road.

The enemy force is holed up on the upper level- tricky for a frontal assault. Even the odds by mounting the rooftop to the west- even at this distance you'll be able to pick them off pretty handily. Note also the crystal on this rooftop.

Clear out the enemy force. When you've destroyed the first wave, Vasqeuz will appear on the second level, along with three goons. Braddock's debuff special ability makes it easy to mow them down.

Note there's also a probably a loot chest on this level, a crystal atop the torii, and a crystal underneath it at ground level.

Once you've cleared the area, proceed to the next check point- confronting Schaeffer.

If you follow the marker in, you'll find a tunnel with tons of cover shields. Advance through them, gunning down resistance. Make sure that your cover isn't absorbing your own shots when you fire back. As before, the main target will appear with a cadre of henchman once the initial wave is disposed of. Gun them down for yet another name on your hitlist- Lydecker.

Lydecker is holed up in a construction site. The cover inside is pretty good, but there are a ton of baddies in the second wave. The game advises you to use your mayhem ability here, and it's good advice.

Use your special ability to gun down Lydecker, as per usual. This will activate an objective with a timer. Still, you might spare a second to check out the central room in the construction site, which has both a crystal and a loot box.

After that, it's a race to KWR Robotics. You can use the SHIFT key to boost your car on the straigthaways- just don't miss the bridge.

Once on campus, there are three bombs to disable. The clock is still ticking, but you'll have plenty of time if you don't get sidetracked. For each bomb, clear out the initial resitance that appears when you approach, then quickly hack the console before more baddies close on you. Remember that a good hack only takes a few seconds. Still, you should prboably leave the loot crates and crystals for later.

Much later, as it turns out. Disabling the third bomb ends the mission. You'll be 'ported back to the original marker, but you will have completed the mission, and unlocked Braddock as a playable Agent.

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