Oni: Aiko’s Story

Hit a marker near the bus shelters to begin.

Your first objective is to track down Nagata- your old frenemy from the last mission.

Go to the objective marker. You'll fight your way up this building floor by bloody floor, starting with some unsuspecting helltroopers.

The next floor up is also helltroopers- albeit more of them and ready for action.

The next floor mixes in a dash of swarmtroopers to the helltrooper base.

After that, more helltroopers backed by a snipetrooper.

Then it's helltroopers and blitztroopers backed by another lone sniper, this time on a slightly lower level than the other hostiles.

The path takes you outside briefly, then to an upper level with an army of troopers, led by a swarmtrooper commander.

The next level is basic hell/swarmtrooper mix.

And at last the final fight, against a shocktrooper Nagata and his cronies.

As always, Oni remains surprisingly effective against Shocktroopers. Stand your ground long enough to Slow and Enfeeble him- fill him with lead, then leap away from his ground-pound and repeat. His death triggers a bit of final dialogue, and ends the mission.

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