Oni: Special Investigation

Hit the marker outside the restaurant to get started.

This starts with another vehicle hijacking. As always, you're at the mercy of the RNG here, so grab whatever your objective indicates, and make tracks.

Park on the icon for new objective- killing a three man patrol. Again, as per usual, be sure to kill the target-marked patrollers before unassociated LEGION troops muddy the waters.

Next up, a LEGION Lair. Been seeing a lot more of those recently. Follow your scanner to the access, hack & descend).

Hack a console in the first room for lair information, then fight your way through the next room, against both troopers and boombots.

If you decide to keep fighting, expect a shocktrooper commander to cap off the resistance. As expected, it's easier to take him down if you stick to upper levels and balconies.

Enter the main room and free the MAYHEM captives by shooting their force bubbles.

Free all three and dispose of LEGION troops. There is also likely to be a secret room attached to this one, so use your scanner to look for a cluster of hidden boxes. When done, exit and ride the elevator down another level. Here your objective is to hack the server.

Once it's done you can either make for the next room immediately, or stick around and massacre more LEGION.

Either way, this is the final challenge room- when done take the elevator up into mission completion.

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