Friend In Need

MOST WANTED: Friend In Need





Becomes available after completing Mission 15 – The Cloudburst


Objective: Investigate the loss of contact with Lucius Fox

Objective: Search last known location at Wayne Tower


Drive through the streets to the underground parking area of Wayne Tower and step into the waiting elevator. Some stranger will get out of the elevator when you reach the top, completely unrelated to Batman obviously. Head into the next room and interact with the computer on the desk. You won't have your Batvision here, so you'll need to find the interact prompt the normal way. Watch the scene play out with Lucius and then step out of the elevator again (wait, what?).


Talk to the receptionist if you wish as you stride toward the office, and head into the next room. You will have to play a little mini-game here. Batman will think out loud about the timing he needs to use to bring the situation to a safe conclusion. Wait until he goes for a shot (moves the gun away and aims it towards you) and activate the counter.(the blue rings start signalling around his head). Well done Mr Wayne.


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