Sacrifice the Weak (Jacob)

Sacrifice the Weak

The next time Jacob wants you, he doesn't send out hunters, he just mind-whammies you over the radio. Luckily for him, your sojourns in the Bliss (and repeated head injuries all around Hope County) haven't interfered with his own control over you, and you wake up in a cage.

Jacob has, apparently, been starving you for a week, but luckily for him again,it just takes a few handfuls of ground chuck before you're ready to run-and-gun your way through a base assault.

It's the same thing as before, but with less time on the clock. A few timesaving tips- If you have the chain takedown perk, you don't need the pistol- just go for the double takedown as soon as the first two soldiers stand up.

In the next room, run past the TV, turn right through the doorway and takedown the guy there. If you have advanced takedowns, the sidearm takedown paired with the SMG clears a couple guys. Vault through the broken wall without worrying about the last few.

Don't pick up the shotgun. It's slower than the SMG, and not necessary, because everyone dies with a single hit anyway.

In the broken-stair room past the fountain, charge the left stairs and take down the guy there, then immediately leap across the gap to take down the guy hauling himself up the side.

Complete the sequence again to move on. In a long cutscene, Pratt will bust you out and get your to freedom. After a fashion.

You'll wake up outside the compound with mission completion.

It's not part of any mission objective, but as Dutch mentions, if you go to the burnt out grill at the crossroads south of the FANG Center (the same place you go during the Make Hope Great Again mission), you'll see the price Pratt is paying for his assistance.

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