Quiet On The Set (Guy Marvel)

Quiet On The Set (Guy Marvel)

A cinematic side mission. Note that this is a great mission for training up Guns for Hire, or getting method-specific kill challenges.

Talk to Guy Marvel at the Grimalkin Radon Mine in Faith's territory.

He'll tell you to talk to the PA, who's actually the sound guy, and he'll tell you to kill the noise around here.

Your first target is a loud truck. Note the ammo cache en route.

There are a handful of cultists hanging around the truck, but they're just hanging out, not staging an ambush.

Take them out and destroy the truck.

Head back to the set, and you'll get an objective over the radio- take out a hostile shooting range. Follow your marker, but come up along the west side of the objective for a vantage on the site.

These are normal shooters- pick them off, or train your companions on them. Dynamite works as well.

Head back toward the set for your final objective- a trio of speaker trucks, and a horde of angels. There are are two 'regular' cultists in the mix as well, but they don't last long. Again, this is a great mission for kill training, because Angels have no distance weapons, and they attack in small, easy to manage groups. When you're done killing, or the Angel supply dries up, destroy the speaker trucks.

Handily, each time you destroy a truck, the next will drive right to you (note that the driver of each truck is a 'normal,' and may be packing an actual firearm). When all trucks are toast, return to set

Talk to Guy one last time to complete the mission. This also unlocks the Omega outfit. Remember to swing by this area after liberation for a follow-up mission.

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