Mission 06 – Conflicting Interests



MISSION 06 – Conflicting Interests

Mission area: Plagia


And riding on the heels of an extremely easy mission is one that's actually challenging. Interact with the marker on the docks to start the mission, meeting Looch (an associate of Dimah's) along the way. After the scene ends, you'll be staring at a speedboat and a nearby military encampment. Hmmm, what to do, what to do. Get in the speedboat and gun it toward the enemy base, jumping out when you reach the beach nearby (the boat is a pretty big target so it's better to proceed on foot).


What you need to do here is search a series of shipping containers scattered all over the base by attaching a tether to them and retracting it (LT) to remove the doors. While you are doing this, the enemy forces in the area will swarm you with ever increasing amounts of enemy troops and vehicles (soldiers, trucks, helicopters etc). So you will want to be fast and use cover when you need it to regenerate health, as it is easy to be blindsided by an unexpected enemy vehicle as you are moving around this extremely open area.



Note: This guide has been written assuming the scanner location is random in each playthrough, if it isn't you can skip to the final container to move on.


To begin with, you'll want to search the containers closest to the waterside, getting them out of the way quickly as they are closest to your starting point. When you've got them out of the way, head for the raised platform in the center of the dock/ walkways of the lower area to find a helicopter that you can hijack to reach the upper levels quickly. The final set you need to open are at the upper ground entrance to the base, with the one closest to the gate/ wall being where I personally found the scanner.



Now you are going to have to make a lengthy trip to Cima Leon with a fairly high heat level and a time limit of just over five minutes. Sounds like fun right? You are also going to have to cross an area guarded by the region's FOW installation that fires missiles at anything unauthorized entering it's airspace. Now, there are a couple of approaches you can take here: You can use a helicopter to get you there, but depending on your heat level (lv 3+) you may have attack helicopters attempting to shoot you down which could make things difficult. Skilled players can use a combination of reeling/ parachuting and the wingsuit to cover the distance, gliding over the terrain and avoiding enemy attacks (as you are much harder for the enemy helicopters and FOW system to hit when not in a vehicle). If neither of those options appeals, you can try a road vehicle instead, just remember that you'll need to leave it when you approach the base to plant the scanner.


You'll need to grapple up to the marked vent when you reach the facility, planting the scanner in a triggered scene. After that little expedition is over, you'll be left with a lazy drive to a nearby town to make a delivery to Sheldon. Hop on/ in the nearest vehicle and take in the scenery as you take a relaxing drive to meet him. When you arrive a scene will play out and the mission will conclude. Your first real mission is over and you made it through.



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