Mission 14 – A Long And Dangerous Road



MISSION 14 – A Long And Dangerous Road

Mission area: Capite Est


You'll be spending this mission with your mercenary buddies once again. But this time you'll be protecting an EMP as well as both their asses. Yay. You'll need to be extremely proactive in hunting enemies down fast or else they will deal continual damage to your little convoy. Refill at the ammo drop beside you (you're going to need it) then grapple onto the lead vehicle and the little road trip will get underway.


Note: You will want to scavenge weapons from dead enemies during this level as otherwise you will likely run out of ammo.



You'll drive up the road a little way before a scene shows the arrival of some of Ravello's special forces. Start hunting down the markers that point to each enemy (including the ones on top of the tunnel shown in the scene). This is just the start, so think of it as practice for what comes later. When you've cleared out this first group of enemies, the convoy will start rolling again. You will move down the road for a bit until you see a ruined stone church on your left. This is where the next group of enemies is about to appear so get ready. Rinse and repeat your extermination routine, focusing on the enemies that have line of sight on the convoy first. Oh and grapple up to steal the helicopter when it arrives. Much easier than shooting it down.


When the convoy starts it's getaway, grapple onto the rear vehicle and start unloading on the motorbike and trucks that come after you. Those motorbikes can be a real nuisance as they will drive up beside the EMP and spray at it. Anyone else reminded of the motorbike sequence in Final Fantasy VII? This chase will go on for a while until you reach a large gate blocking the path. Immediately stop attacking the enemies and grapple over to the gate controls on the right to raise it as fast as you can. The convoy's a sitting duck otherwise.



On the other side of the bridge is an enemy tower with a weapons rack at the base you can restock at if you're quick. Get back to the rear of the convoy as more vehicles will be behind, trying to perforate your ride. Another roadblock will await you shortly afterward, so gun down the men at the barrier and then turn to those in the stone ruins to the left. Finish the slaughter and then get back on the rear vehicle to take down the onrushing vehicles behind you once again. Keep fending them off until you come to another bridge. Here you can use an explosive weapon (RPG, GE-64) to blow up the bridge behind you, stopping the enemy vehicles from following. Just be careful not to blow up the bit Rico is on.


And now since ground vehicles can't chase you it's time for the helicopters. At least two will race after you after crossing the bridge, so start unloading your weapons on them or grapple up and take them over. You'll go though a cave network, taking out a hovering chopper on the road ahead before finally arriving at your destination. A heavily guarded base you need to completely clear to then test the EMP. Start doing what Rico does best, blowing shit up and killing enemy soldiers. This is the last fight in this level so feel free to go nuts with your weaponry. After the smoke is clear, you'll get to activate the EMP and watch the ending scenes for this level play out. Looks like Di Ravello isn't very happy. 



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