Mission 15 – Abandon Ship



MISSION 15 – Abandon Ship

Mission area: Cauda


Note: This will be another heavy combat mission, so make sure you are fully stocked with weapons and ammo before you start. You will be taking on all three types of enemy vehicle in this mission as well (land, sea, air) so make sure your special/ heavy weapon is suited to taking them down.


Trigger the mission and watch the scenes play out with Annika and Sheldon. After Annika and Teo bugger off and leave you facing an incoming army, it's time to get to work. We're gonna need more guns. Your goal for this entire mission is to keep both Mario and the EMP from being destroyed. The EMP is almost completely exposed on the dock, while Mario is in cover at the base entrance, making it fairly obvious which one you should focus mainly on protecting. There is a weapon locker on the dock  and inside the rebel cave you can use to resupply, but don't burn through your special weapons too quickly here as you are going to be facing multiple vehicle waves.



As soon as the mission begins, a line of soldiers will stretch ahead of you as well as a pair of approaching transport vessels heading towards the beach. These deliver trucks with turrets on top, so make sure to stand to the side when the trucks come over the top of the landing ramps or else you'll get knocked down. Use your LMG or assault rifle to pick off the enemies inside through the windscreens or side windows (most of the enemies should get out of the trucks anyway, making them easy prey). This is the easy opening wave so as long as you keep on the move and bring down the soldiers quickly, you shouldn't have many issues. Make sure to keep picking up weapon ammo as you go as running out is going to be one of your main problems.


Another convoy of trucks will begin to arrive through the cave leading to the main road (look along the beach to see the incoming red triangles), reuse the same tactics you used on the first wave of trucks and take advantage of the fact that this lot of trucks are moving, so they are vulnerable to you shooting out their tires. A quick marksman can bring down the whole convoy before a soldier even leaves a vehicle. After that another group of transport vessels will bring in even more trucks (near the cave entrance the convoy just came through). Shoot, bang, argh just like you did before. Yet another mass of transport vessels with a guarding gunboat will drop off trucks near the rebel cave entrance. Your main concern here should be the gunboats as they will move up into position to fire on Mario, dealing significant damage fast. Quickly grapple out and shoot all the soldiers on board before returning to the beach to deal with the remaining trucks and soldiers.



Now it's time for the aerial attackers. When you hear about incoming helicopters, make tracks for the top of the wreck at the dock, as there are anti-aircraft turrets up there for you to take advantage of. You can also restock from the weapons locker if you need to on the way. Open fire on the incoming pair of choppers that arrive via the bay, flying towards the beach. Another pair will fly in near the cave leading to the road while a third will appear from the bay, deal with the visible one first then you'll have to leave the AA gun and return to the beach to take them on (you won't have line of sight from the main AA gun as the wreck will be blocking your view). 


The helicopter will start firing at you and another wave of trucks will appear at the same time. Start using your special weapons here to demolish the chopper and trucks fast. A wave of paratroopers will appear above the dock as you finish cleaning up this group, so grapple over there to make them bite the dust. It can be hard to target the paratroopers while they are too high up, so you may need to grapple out to the half submerged ship under them to get the best firing position. More trucks and some APCs will start arriving from the cave leading to the road at this point so you'll need to race back to the beach once again to deal with them. Be careful here as some of the soldiers will likely make for the EMP, dealing chip damage to it until you bring them down. After this, a huge amount of incoming vehicles will appear from all directions. Dimah will announce the EMP is ready (thankfully), so sprint over to it and activate it to destroy the incoming massive wave.



Kaboom! With most of the enemies in the wave gone, mop up anything that's left and then head to the rebel cave or dock to restock your ammo before the next attack. Paratroopers will start floating down above the beach, so start firing up at them to temporarily clear the skies. After the paratroopers, a wave of battleships and a pair of choppers will arrive from the bay, so start emptying your special weapon on them to stop them firing on Mario and the EMP. After this, multiple incoming enemies will arrive close together (transport vessels, bavarium tanks and other vehicles. At this point you'll want to hang around close (but not too close) to the EMP as it will be ready to go a few seconds later. As soon as Dimah calls out that it's ready, trigger that sucker and watch the enemy wave disintegrate. A final small group of trucks will appear on the beach, but Annika and Teo will arrive at the same time to help you out. Gee, thanks guys. You couldn't get here five minutes earlier? When the final lot of enemies are gone, a scene will trigger and the mission will end.



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