Castle Hassle Collectibles

Castle Hassle Collectibles

Stan Lee: One of the easier rescues, just blow up the silver cage stage right of the main gate to free Stan.

Hidden Character: Black Knight

Follow a clue outside the small structure upstage right in the starting screen.

This will lead you up to roof, and the hidden character token.


(1) Douse five small fires around the castle. One is downstage right, outside the small structure there.

One is downstage center, just left of the bridge landing.

One is downstage left in the starting area, behind the horses.

One is far stage right on the upper parapet (near where you confront Amora).

And the last far stage left of the same parapet.

(2) This minikit is hidden out of sight behind the spire stage right. Fly behind it and drop to find the 'kit.

(3) Melt the gold chest left of Amora's apple to score another minikit.

(4) Extreme downstage center, mount the crossbow just right of the bridge landing.

Shoot all ten targets on the castle to win a 'kit.

(5) Stage right of your starting point, smash away some cartwheels to reveal a teleport point.

Step through to claim the minikit under the bridge.

(6) Past the drawbridge, one the door is open, pull open the looped-door on the left wall.

Step inside that room to find a minikit.

(7) Inside the dungeon of doom, pull down both chandeliers.

This gives you the pieces to build a minikit.

(8) In the dungeon, fly up and magic the skeleton cage stage right.

When it drops, it releases the minikit.

(9) In the dungeon, mind control the (evil) black knight into smashing up his safe room.

This scares a rat, which gnaws a rope, which drops a minikit.

(10) The dungeon lighting is tricky, but the bars on the upper level stage left are made of gold. Melt them to access the minikit there.

Do all these things to complete the level.

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