On Board the Sword Collectibles

On Board the Sword Collectibles

True Believer: 70,000 studs

Hidden Character: War Machine

In the far upstage left of the reactor room (but still to the right of the small teleport-button room), clear away the debris in the corner to reveal a marvel vent.

Pop through the vent for the War Machine character token.

Stan Lee: During the final boss fight, look for Stan in a purple force-column on the the upper level, stage left.

Run the hackable lazer maze slightly stage-right to free him.


(1) In the very first room (or corridor, if you will), tear off the Hulk-Handled door stage left to find a minikit behind it.

(2) Fly up to the molten hole in the ceiling to find another 'kit.

(3) On the stage leftish side of the ceiling, in the at same entry area, are a pair of pull-loops- yank them down to drop another minikit.

(4) Destroy five Kang holograms for a kit. Two are in the entry hall, on the left and right sides.

The remaining three are in the next room (the big one with the generator). Look closely as you leave the entry hall, and you'll see all three remaining holograms as you pass through the door- one by the door you're entering through, and the others directly across the room, one on the upper level and one on the 'ground' level.

(5) On the upper level of the main room, stage right, is a camera-locked door. Stealth past it.

The 'kit is just past the door.

(6) Near the alarm button is a smashable wall. Crack it open to reveal a Chi Dragon.

Power up the dragon to get rid of the red bars enclosing the minikit just to your right.

(7) In the extreme downstage left of the reactor room, find a small cluster of office furniture, and smash it all to make a Cap Shield base.

Use the base to release the minikit from the glass case above.

(8) In the boss fight room, there are five cases you can telekinese to reveal over-sized swords. They are-

Stage left, ground level.

Stage right, slightly left of the elevator beam.

Upstage center, on the upper level behind Korvac.

Far stage left, at the very end of the upper level.

Extreme downstage left, in an offshoot from the main platform.

Try to keep the slabs between you and Korvac, to avoid plasma-fire interruptions.

(9) Smash the items at the rightmost end of the upper level in the final boss room, to reveal a trackball interface there.

Roll right to bring the crane toward you.

When it can't go any farther, it'll drop the pieces for a minikit.

(10) In the offshoot platform in the extreme downstage left of the final boss area, shoot out the circular platform hanging above.

This drops the pieces for your final minikit.

Complete all this to complete the level.

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