Bonus Mission 1: Panic at the Picnic

Gwenpool Mission – Panic at the Picnic

This mission unlocks after 'Park Patrol,' and covers Squirrel Girl's long-awaited park party. Which starts out fine, but then things go horribly wrong.

Note that you're going to have smash apart mind-controlled party-goers from time to time. Just the way the game is played.

Start the long road toward restoring order by having Squirrel Girl destroy the silver statue.

Build the resulting pieces into a boombox. Dig at this spot to yield even more pieces, and build them into a giant carp statue. This turns out to be part of the rehabilitation process.

Use the console next to the boom box to activate it.

Use the resulting pieces to build some nice windchimes, another check on your rehab list. This causes the people in the bell gazebo to freak out.

Smash the containers inside the gazebo for the parts to build some Hulk Handles.

Pull them to ring the bell (for another check), and dive into the pond stage left. Here you'll need Koi Boy's sonic attack to smash some glass.

Build the debris into console assembly you can use to lift the cage here.

Back on the surface, use the console on the docks to lift the cage over to the food cart.

Use Koi Boi to fix the food cart, getting another checkmark, and bait for the cage.

Use the same dockside console to move the baited cage back into place, and trap your turtle.

This forces MODOK's (tiny, tiny) hand, and he reveals himself and his robo-squirrel on stage.

Cut down some AIM flunkies en route, then use the wreckage made by the robosquirrel to construct a nut-cannon.

Don't bother targeting the robosquirrel- focus fire on MODOK (his shields slip occasionally) and AIM goons that get too close.

When you've taken off about a third of his health, he'll dispatch the robot to smash your cannon. Build up and use the console at the base of his stage to recall the robot.

And repeat. MODOK's attacks get deadlier with each cycle, but being on the cannon makes you immune to them. Keep firing until he's all out of health.

This completes the missions and unlocks Koi Boi.

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