Bonus Mission 8: Oscorp Escapade

Gwenpool Mission – Oscorp Escapade

After completing the Symbiote Support mission in Nueva York, journey to the Oscorp Building in Manhattan to start this one.

You'll begin as Carnage. Start by smashing everything here, particularly the bunk bed.

Build the pieces into a giant rubber ducky in the toilet, then yank the toilet chain.

This blows up the wall, just as you would expect from any high-tech prison. Exit your cell and interact with the sleeping guard at his desk.

The camera completely elides Carnage's dismemberment of the guy, but given that this is LEGO, they might have played it for laughs. Anyhow, this causes a button to appear outside each cell. Hit both buttons.

This frees Venom and opens up the hall stage right. You can't contend with the fire turret there, but you can slip into the leftmost passage when the grid flickers off.

Smash through the back wall, and follow the passage to the right most room. Smash that wall to renter the hallway.

Yank down the loop at the end of the all to disable the turret.

NOTE: The buttons in this next section are a little finicky. When you activate one, don't move until it turns red again. If you walk away at the wrong time, it'll stay red, and you won't be able to turn it again without restarting the level. The goal is to divert energy to the lower cage. You can do this by turning the upper wheel three times and the lower wheel five times.

Step inside that cage-like alcove for some disguises, then activate the pressure plate near the door far stage left.

This triggers an attack of zero-level goons, but they're easily knocked apart.

They're followed by The Lizard, but a dozen punches or so from hulked-up Venom will put him down.

Pull the lever in the stage left hallway, then jump through the laser grids when a gap is available.

Smash the apparatus at the very end of the hall for the pieces to build some Hulk Handles for the elevator door.

Tear them off with Venom to escape the trap, and complete the mission.

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