Mission 56 – Kill Cavar’s Enforcers

Mission 56 – Kill Cavar's Enforcers

Marlon Bourdreaux

Hangs out in a small alleyway full of pallets. The standard whistle-kill operation is a little trickier here- the pallets don't offer as much concealment as you might think.

If things turn hairy, you can duck in the trailer for cover, or blow the truck as a distraction-slash-incendiary.


"Geezer" Cruzat

A tough nut to crack- lots of goons, lots of angles. There are many side doors to be crowbarred here- it's certainly possible to sneak in through the back door of Geezer's garage and take him out without anyone else knowing (just watch the open garage door for passing sentries). But if you want to blow up all this cool stuff, and reap the racket damage that follows, standard whistle kill protocols apply. Come in from the north Alley, and go all the way to the doorway in the unfinished wall. There's a lone sentry, get him out of the way, and advance through cover to the truck. If whistling won't lure goons in, sometimes just making yourself briefly visible will do the trick. Thin the herd, then shoot any stragglers along with your primary target. 

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