Heleus: The Little Things that Matter

The Little Things that Matter

Locations: System Screen in All Colony Systems

Note: This quest is particularly buggy, on PC and console alike. If you find your system freezing up or interface elements disappearing as you try to scan the satellites, I recommend saving just before you make the attempt, immediately reloading that save, and then trying again. This make take several attempts.

After uncovering the Kett transponder on Kadara, you'll have an odd encounter on entering a system in which you've placed an outpost. A mystery satellite will automatically ping the Tempest. Find the satellite by investigating for anomalies at the System screen level. However, when you go to take a closer look, it blows up.

This alone gets you the some AVP. Scanning the wreckage will get you some Research data- and an automated alert to contact Addison about the incident. Call her on the vidcon to learn about the tech and the scientist behind this type of satellite.

Travel to another outpost system to find another satellite. This one also blows up, but you learn a little more.

Follow the trail to the Nalesh System, and search for anomalies.

You'll find an empty shuttle- just a relay, but you have a brief conversation with Dr. Kennedy herself, and learn that she left the Nexus and stole a bunch of stuff so she could get pregnant. Then the shuttle blows up, because apparently what she mostly stole was explosives.

Talk this over with Addison in the vidcon. You'll agree that the first baby born in Andromeda should be helped, and that the best way to contact Kennedy again is to investigate another outpost (or found and investigate one, if you haven't established enough outposts yet).

The third satellite satellite (predictably in orbit around the third colony you search) is the first one that doesn't explode. Perhaps this is because it has been compromised by the Roekaar, who are looking forward to killing Dr. Kennedy as an example to the Initiative. Yerg.

The fourth and final satellite is also of the non-exploding variety. This one has been compromised by the Kett. Dr Kennedy is terrible at this. But at least you have a fix on her- Voeld.

She's not far from a forward station. Zoom over in the NOMAD to find her shuttle under attack by kett and local wildlife.

There are two computers you can use to activate turrets here, or you can just wade right in. If you've gotten to the point in the game where you've established four colonies, these guys aren't going to pose much threat.

After defeating the kett, the Roekaar jump in. They brought a Hydra with them, but just the one.

When the last Roekaar is dead, the shuttle takes off. There's one large container in the battlefield worth looting before you go.

After that, finish this mission by returning to the Tempest and opening a vidcall with Addison.

You'll talk with the doctor (who's on her feet already!). You talk about Kennedy and where she and her child should live, but there's no long-term ramifications. On the whole it seems like everyone would be happier with her at Prodromos, and it sends a nice message to the folks back home. Step away from the vidcon for some XP and mission completion.

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