Voeld: Restoring A World Pt 1

Voeld: Restoring A World Pt 1

This mission involves activating the three Voeld monoliths, then restoring power to the Vault. There's not story quest surrounding them, but they are more puzzle-intensive than most of the Remnant facilities you've encountered thus far. You can essay the monoliths in any order, but we'll start with the westmost- dead south of your outpost (or outpost beacon, depending).

The navpoint actually directs you to a tunnel mouth. It's big enough to fit the NOMAD, so drive on through, disposing of any wildlife which upsets you (a reminder that Eirochs cannot be driven over, but hitting them with the NOMAD does seem to paralyze them, after which that can be easily killed by hand).

When you reach the monolith chamber, take a moment to scan the Lithium sample just behind the entrance pillars for your geology Task.

This console needs three glyphs. One is on a fallen slab, at ground level, to the north of the chamber

The other two are side by side atop the northern monolith, which you can reach by jump-dashing from the hexagonal pillars.

You can now attempt the console puzzle which, as a 5×5 grid, is the toughest we've seen yet. Unless I'm missing a rule, this has at least two solutions, but the one the console will accept is below.

Next is the southeast monolith. The tunnel here is too small to fit the NOMAD, but that's okay because we're not entering quite yet. Instead, investigate the frozen lake immediately northeast of the monolith base, abd use your scanner to reveal a slab with two glyphs (probably guarded by another Eiroch).

Now you can descend to the tunnel, and find the last glyph on a fallen slab in the console chamber.

The console puzzle's cute symmetry makes it slightly easier to solve than the last.

The last monolith is in a ravine at the base of the kett mountain stronghold. Even a long-distance scan shows the glyphs atop the smaller monoliths.

Drop down onto the stubbier one, then jump jet to get the other two (note that the tips are close enough that you can scan one while standing on the other.

Drop down to the canton floor, scan the spindly core, and solve the console puzzle thusly.

Follow the lights to the new Vault.

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