A Trail of Hope – Rescuing the Moshae

A Trail of Hope – Rescuing the Moshae

Once Jaal thinks you've rendered a convincing amount of aid to the Anagarans (by helping out on Havarl and/or Voeld), you can take a vidcall from Evfra aboard the Tempest.

He'll tell you about the camp where the revered Moshae is being held, and agrees to let you tag along with an assault team that's waiting outside the Resistance HQ on Voeld. The objective marker for this team is criminally misleading. It seems to be be pointing to the lookouts near the forward station, but it actually wants you to go back the shuttle landing area you passed through on your way in.

You'll be strapped into this quest for a while, so be sure you've got your favorite weapons and a fair amount of free inventory space before giving your pilot the go-ahead.

When you land there'll be talk of hacking the shield, but first head south along the gully to loot a container here.

When that's done you can follow your sonar to sparking service panel just outside the shield. Hack it to open up a way in.

There are wraiths just inside, but a fight between sharkdogs and an elite commando squad is no fight at all. When they're down, jump up the vent and scan the slats.

The scan indicates that gunfire will shatter them. Confirm this hypothesis, then follow the vent to a large workroom.

There's no ghost mode in Andromeda, so just kill everything. I recommend starting with the Destined, so they don't cloak & blindside you later.

There are a couple things to loot and scan here, as well as datapad to read. Be aware that, when trying to scan the archon hologram, only the top part of the projector is scannable. The giant round base looks scannable, but actually isn't.

When ready, talk to Heckt by the locked door. This will launch a cutscene in which your two parties decide to split up- Heckt's creating a distraction so you can find and rescue the Moshae. Head through a newly unlocked door on the upper level, and into a decontamination chamber.

Despite being locked in and sprayed with alien chemicals, nothing happens. When the room releases, take a hard left, then go all the way to the end of the hall to find a school-like arrangement.

There are two containers and two datapas here, and the central stasis pod is scannable. Exit the room and head to the other (north) end of the hall, dispatching the single Wraith in the corridor.

Scan and loot the sleeping area here, then back to corridor and east to the main room.

As ever, prioritize the Destined (they're even deadlier in close quarters like this). When all hostiles are dead, scan and loot. Keep a particular eye out for the container hidden atop some crates on west wall (by the door where your entered).

Enter the communications room to the north- there's a container to loot, and SAM will want you ino interact with the console to start a download. You can also scan the holoplatform for new research data, though as before you'll want to scan the top, knobbly bit of the projector, not the base. Return to the main room and activate the central console to be treated to little pep rally.

This is interrupted by an attack from Heckt's team. You now have a tense little moment with Jaal where you can agree to save all the Angarans here, or focus on saving the Moshae. He'll be a little peeved if you choose the latter, but this choice is completely overshadowed by your later choice to actually save the Angarans or not, so say whatever you like.

Head out through the newly unlocked door, and take the ramp up left, for another reminder that anything can be a container.

Continue along the passage, looting as you go, until you reach a large, crescent-shaped room with two levels. There are a ton of Kett here- if you find yourself getting flanked a lot, fall back to the south end of the crescent, or to the narrow corridors on the bottom level for a more defensible position.

There's a lone container on the upper level, and a Kett Tech Core on the lower level. The exit is on the second level at he north end- through a vent of the same sort that you entered the facility through.

Use the console here to lower the shield, then start scanning the pods in the next room for the Moshae.

You'll come up empty, until SAM suggests using the console. Do that, because the pod-scans net you no research data, unlike the Tech Core to the east.

The console is northeast of the central table- using it opens up one of the forcefields. The path branches here- go right and loot a container in the dead end, then take the left branch to another vent. Enter the corridor, then bear left to find a little indoctrination chamber.

Scan the syringes and pod, and loot the containers. Then head to big room toward the northeast to trigger a cutscene in which plot-points-you-probably-saw-coming are at last revealed.

Again, focus on the Destined, then mop up anyone who wasn't Destined.

There's a cutscene in which Jaal feels terrible, the Moshae is found, then taken, and then you fight even more Destined.

There's nothing really exciting in that room, so take off after the Moshae, until you arrive at the shuttle area.

This is another Ascendant fight. As before, mop up lesser enemies (who will occasionally manifest in waves), then take out the Ascendant's Orb before piling as much damage as possible on the Cardinal before the Orb reappears. There's plenty of ammo here, so go ahead and cut loose. Also remember to use biotic combos to make the most of vulnerable moments.

When the cardinal goes down, talk to the Moshae. Surprisingly, the goon you just shot 500 times in the face joins the conversation.

Now you have a choice- blow up the facility, killing all the Angarans, or spare the facility (for the moment), and the Cardinal will release her prisoners. Tactically, it seems like there's no downside to taking the Cardinal's deal- your whole Heleus strategy depends on neutralizing the kett and their hundreds of bases- what's one more? Ryder is clearly up to the challenge. And besides, the Angarans are already fighting to the death just because they think it annoys the Kett. How much harder are they going to strive to not be captured now that they know how this works?

Practically, the choice is between ticking off Jaal (destroy the facility) and ticking off the Moshae (free the prisoners).

Still, it's not worth stressing about- while you'll get a few harsh words from each, they'll both continue to work with you and respect you throughout the game. A minor note that the administrator of Aya, Paaran Shie, is also grateful if you save the captured Angarans.

If you do take the cardinal's deal, it's still possible to kill them in a quicktime event.

After that, the last challenge of the mission is extraction. The Moshae will generate an energy shield and start walking to the pick-up point.

Protect her by clearing out waves of Chosen and Anointed. Shortly after she reaches the destination, a countdown clock for pickup will start, and the enemy will unleash a fiend.

You don't actually have to kill it- just survive long enough for the shuttle to take you home. If you do go for the kill, fire ammo and techs are your best friend. Be careful of lesser kett taking position behind you, and try to keep the Fiend off the extraction platform, and away from the Moshae. Once the timer runs out you can board the shuttle and watch the facility explode behind you or stay standing behind you, depending on your choice.

Back on the Tempest, whichever Angaran you sided against will have some sharp words for you, but they're both still on your side. Before returning to Aya, now's a good time to get your crew chats and flirts in- almost everyone has something to say about the exaltation process.

You'll also catch a conversation between Suvi and Kallo on the bridge, explaining that the radiation on Eos has cleared, opening up more of the planet, and allowing even greater Kett infestation.

When your socializing is done, return to Aya, and return the Moshae to her people.

The Angarans will at long last propose an alliance- this opens up more of the Aya map to Ryder. There is also a brief conversation in which Evfra suggest reassigning Jaal, but he rolls right over on this one.

Now is a good time to explore Aya and the newly revealed sections of Eos, but when you're ready to forge ahead in the main story again, it'll be to finally enter the Aya vault.

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