Epilogue: Home and Away

Epilogue: Home and Away

After the credits, you'll find yourself aboard the Hyperion a few weeks later, in conversation with your twin.

Finish this conversation to get your AVP from the last mission (frankly, for defeating the Archon and terraforming every viable planet in the Cluster at once, a mere 1000 seems low). You can also read your email here for a torrent of well-wishes from the people you saved (a nice touch).

The last model of the game, the Remnant Derelict, is on the desk here.

Step outside to be ambushed into a Council meeting.

Here you'll have to choice to pick someone to represent non-Nexus interest in Heleus. As the only non-Initiative candidate on the shortlist, the Moshae seems like the only reasonable choice, but whichever way you lean, the effects will not be felt in this game. Make your decision then join the 'party.'

Your goal is to speak to each of your temmates (conveniently marked on the map), but you can also chat with certain NPCs, like the Moshae, the criminal overlord of Kadara, and various new-to-you Initiatve personell. You can speak to Specialist Rynn Gee for word on the Quarian Ark.

It's actually pretty surprising there were zero Quarians aboard Nexus or Hyperion- they are the Milky Way's leading experts in spaceship habitats, after all. You'll also see a few familiar faces you can't talk to, but that's NPC life, I suppose.

Once you've made the rounds with your crew, you'll be able to return the Tempest, and continue tying up any loose ends you've left in Andromeda.

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