Jack’s 55th Birthday – Testing Area 1

Where to find Everything in Testing Area 1

Keypad Room: Jack & Inventory Box


Clancy Room: Blue Key Scyther (Opens End Room) Fruit, 2 Beers. One Shambler just outside Barn door.


Barn Catwalks: Blue Blaster, Red Key Scyther, Arachnid, Chicken. Mr Everywhere figurine circles above central junction, after Yellow Key Monster is dead.


Save Room: Stew, Cheese, Spice.


Barn Floor: 2 Molded, Fruit, Beer.


End Room: Chicken, Beer, Fruit.


Corner Hall: One shambler, one arachnid.


Corner Room: One Shambler, Fruit, Beer.


Upper Level Hallway: One Shambler.


TV Room: Yellow Key Scyther (Unlocks Yellow Key Room down the hall, and the Mr. Everywhere figurine), P19 Machine Gun.


Yellow Key Room: Cheese, Fruit, Chicken.


Room Adjacent to Yellow Key Room: 1 shambler, Spice, Stew, Cheap Wine


Barn Floor, Elevator Area: One shambler, One arachnid. Dulvey Crue, 2 Cheap Wine, Spice.


SS-Rank Runthrough

  • Equip Crowbar, Brawler, Both Time Bonus Bs and both Speed Ups

  • Run upstairs (crowbarring anything in your way), gank the Yellow Key moldie in the TV Room, run back,

  • Don't go back in the keypad room, instead take the collapsible stairs up, through the Clancy Room (killing as you go) and sprint for the Blue Blaster. You should have just enough to time to grab it and take out the arachnid that will be leaping from your left.

  • Using the Blaster, execute the Red Key Scyther, drop down into the elevator area to take out the two molded there. Snag the Dulvery Cru (middle bottle) and run up the stairs to take out the two new spawning molded. The moment they're down, look up and shoot the bobblehead circling the central junction.

  • You should now have at least 3 minutes on your bonus clock. Starting with the Safe Room, gather up food and make recipies+feed Jack as normal. Avoid coming back to the Catwalks and be careful in the hallway by the corner room – these are the places arachnids spawn, and they can be tricky to take out with the crowbar.


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