Dining Room, Laundry Room, Garage

Wake up at a dinner table of horrors. Gruesome stuff, but it won't last forever. When a commotion at the door draws the Bakers' attentions, more around to bust your chair, then scout the environs. Don't worry about the old lady in the rocker- she's no threat to you. At the moment.

Explore the kitchen to find a Herb in the garbage.

It's probably still good- though the thought of what food the Bakers consider too spoiled to eat is pretty disturbing. Grab the Herb, and also note the receipt from the hardware store pinned up by the counter (this adds to your Devil in the Details count).

Wow, 20 collars. They must really like dogs here.

Through the door in the kitchen is a room with a locked hatch (that you will want to make a special note of it in your memory), and a boot, with the name 'Eveline.' Go back through the dining room and into the den, where you can snag some ammo from the far table, and read the pile of newspapers here to learn that Clancy's last name is Jarvis (also a Details entry).

Push open the dining room double doors so that they swing into the hallway, but don't go through. Instead, go to the kitchen and push open the door here. Walk through, and turn right. Sneak down this corridor until you see Jack at the far end.

Spin around and hide behind the double doors, so that you can just see the inside of the kitchen.

Wait for Jack to return, and the moment he enters the kitchen, sneak into the hall, past the kitchen door and around the corner. And the far end of this hall is a little corner table with a key on it. Grab it, and sneak back to the kitchen door. There's an element of randomness to what comes next.

Try peeking through the doors- if Jack is in the den or a far corner of the dining room, sneak back to the hatch, open with the key, and drop down. If he isn't, wait til he is. If he spots you, sprint all the way down the key corridor, turn the corner, and hide in the small room at the end. This will probably exhaust his attention span, and in a minute or two you can try again. If you get caught, your blocking move actually does stave of a lot of damage (and can be an ideal chance to get the Hands in the Air achievement). After you block- run. Jack is faster than you, so you'll want to try to juke your way around the dining rooms doors for another corridor sprint. Don't try to unlock the door while Jack's in the room- you're just too slow to complete the action before the shovel swings again.

When you do finally reach the tunnel, the heat's off for a bit. Crawl forward, being sure to snag the coin from the lawn mower you pass.

The tunnel here leads to the laundry room – a save spot and safe haven, so breathe easy for a bit.

Search the room to find a house map and an Item Box (an inventory space where you can offload excess gear). Your preorder bonus is in here, if you have such a thing. Also search the filing cabinet for some makings and note the purple bobblehead underneath the cassette player. Lastly, pick up the red container by the door and turn it about until you can flip the latch, then peer inside to score a lockpick.

Open the near door to trigger another phonecall from Zoe. She seems nice, at least to Ethan.

The laundry room actually connects directly to the hall outside the dining room. Burn its location in your mind- you're going to be chased through this area a number of times, and an utterly safe haven is worth any number of healing herbs and ammo clips. Jack is gone, for the moment, so take your time re-exploring the area, but finish up at the far end of the corridor, past the key table and by that purple bobblehead. Examine all the photos here to trigger a visitation from the police- via a deputy by the window at the end of the hall.

Ethan forgets to tell this guy to call for back-up ("How much?" "ALL OF IT."), but does talk him out of a knife, which at least is something.

Go back to the bobblehead at the end of the corridor and slash it to bits to begin one of the game's collectible threads- destroying every Mr Everywhere bobblehead you come across.

Go back and get the one in the laundry while you're at it, and save your game. Now follow the deputy's order, and head for the garage, which is across the hall from the dining room, marked by the sign that says 'Garage.' There's crate just by the upper door that can be slashed apart for more sweet, sweet ammo.

Head down the stairs and knife the tape to access the garage door opener. The policeman is here, and there's no barrier between the two of you, which means he is absolutely about to die.

When he absolutely does, break right to grab the car key from the yellow workbench here, then spin around to open the car door, and use the key in the ignition.

Ram Jack as many times as you can, stopping for nothing. Eventually you'll lose him, and he'll reappear in a scripted sequence that totals the the car and leave him looking dead. ish. Exit the car and grab the G17 Handgun from the backseat.

Jack comes at you, covered in flames. You can't kill him at this point, or even "kill" him. Instead evade his grabs, using no more than one bullet to preserve some distance.

After a moment or two the car explodes, knocking you down but semi-killing Jack. Again. Still, he's going to be down for a bit, so relax into looting mode. There's chem fluid in the filing cabinet and first aid meds in the locker, plus an ammo box by the fallen deputy (whose radio is unlootable).

When your pockets are full, climb the ladder to trigger yet another the Jack interactions we've come to find so charming. Jerkface just flat out steals one of your precious bullets before exiting the picture, as it were. Reclimb the ladder and grab some shotgun shells, then turn to lift the ox sculpture from the steel shelves here.

Manipulate the ox frame to find its release screw, and claim the sculpture. Turn slightly left for a prompt to push aside the shelves themselves, and gain access to other side of the garage door. Drop down and make a bee line for the laundry room to save your progress, and offload some excess gear. Then take your latest fine art acquisition and use it to open the the door to the Main Hall.

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