Ghosts Of The Past

Mission 06: Ghosts Of The Past




Note: By now you will definitely want to purchase the disable helicopter skill if you haven't already as it will help immensely in this and upcoming missions.


Objective: Leave town. avoid the police


This can be a challenging objective, but let me describe the method I think works best. From your starting location, head south and onto the trail in the park area. Continue following the path to the west until it begins to head north. Continue following it (over bridges) until it stops heading north. Just ahead to the north should be a set of train tracks. Hop on them and follow them all the way north until you exit the search area.



The cop vehicles will not spawn on the train tracks and if you keep going at full speed, the helicopter should lose you. If you have problems, you can use the disable helicopter skill to down it while you escape. Watch the video for a more detailed view of the route.


After escaping the search, head for the marker on the map to say your goodbyes to Nicky and Jackson as well as the mission.



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