Little Sister

Mission 05: Little Sister




Objective: Hack the network to find Nicky


Approach the marker on the map to find an access panel. This will give you camera access to Nicky's holding cell.


Objective: Take out Nicky's guard


Change to the lower camera next to the guard and detonate the explosive icon behind him to take him out.



Objective: Hack the guard's phone


On the desk is a phone you can hack to talk to Nicky.


Objective: Guide Nicky to a car


After the camera cut-scene, Nicky will be on the far side of the warehouse from the car she need to reach. Remember there is a video of this if you are having trouble following the directions. You need to be very cautious in moving her, because as soon as she is spotted, she is dead. Use your disable and disrupt abilities here when you need to. To start with, you need to move Nicky across the small bridge and into the red shipping container at the other side.



Move her inside the container to the other end and disrupt the coms of the guard watching the gap if you can. Run her across into the next red container and move her to the other end. From here, move her behind the guard to the red container across from her position and hide her behind the door. She can then drop down from there to reach a stack of pallets.



After that she will need to move to the blue lift in the center of the far area (disrupt the coms of the central guard again just in case). From here, move her along the pallets and stacks and when the nearby guard turns around, have her leg it for the car. As soon as she's inside she will gun it and escape successfully.



Objective: Escape the area


Head back out the way you came and exit the search area to finish the mission.


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