Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2006 Season


Cheat Codes

While playing the game, enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Command
Display most console commandsHelp
Free items in backpackMod_autoequip
Unlock indicated Career mode missionMod_givemission [number]
Unlock all items at storeCheat_availableitems
Unlock all quick hunt mode sub regions
when code is used in Career mode
Skip to next missionMod_endmission
Set world detail; 0 is maximum detailMod_ctbmul [floating point number]
Set fog color in RGB formatMod_fogcolor [0-255 0-255 0255]
Spawn indicated animalMod_spawnanimal [name]
Play narration for current levelMod_playvoice
Teleport to random animalMod_gotoanimal
Get indicated amount of moneyMod_needmoney [number]
Toggle camera follow random animalMod_animalcam [0 or 1]
Set amount of fatigue; 0 is 100%Mod_settiredness [floating point number]
Set amount of hunger; 0 is 100%Mod_sethunger [floating point number]
Set amount of thirst; 0 is 100%Mod_setthirst [floating point number]
Set time in hours and minutesMod_settime [0-23] [00-59]
Teleports to indicated point in levelMod_movetoent [name]
Teleport to indicated coordinatesMod_movetopos [x y z]
Teleport to vehicleMod_movetocar
Shoot weapon to teleport destination, then
enable code
Toggle display of current map and coordinatesMod_bspandpos [0 or 1]
5 is no damage; 0 is head damage; 1 is
right arm; 2 is left arm; 3 is right leg; 4 is
left leg
Mod_damagepart [0 to 5]
Displays player's current condition and
Mod_showatrval [0 or 1]
Toggle winning current tournamentMod_endtournament [0 or 1]
Toggle bullet movement controlMod_bulletguide [0 or 1]
Set fog amount; negative numbers increase
Mod_fogstart [number]
Toggle animal movementMod_animalfreeze [0 or 1]
Toggle third person viewMod_force3rd [0 or 1]
Get indicated item for freeMod_buyitem [name]
Load indicated single player mapSpmap [name]
Animals cannot move or attackAidisableact [0 or 1]
Annimals cannot attackAidisablethink [0 or 1]
Display versionAppversion
Quit gameExit
UnknownMod_botcam [number]
UnknownMod_setsoundstealth [floating point number]
UnknownMod_setsmellstealth [floating point number]
UnknownMod_setvisualstealth [floating point number]
UnknownMod_stealthmode [number]
UnknownMod_showatr [number]
UnknownMod_jumpon [number]
UnknownMod_freecam [number]
UnknownCheat_trophyhorns [number number number number]
UnknownMod_tagcheck [0 or 1]
UnknownMod_playermodel [name]
UnknownMod_fogend [number]
UnknownMod_sspd [floating point number]
UnknownMod_tspd [floating point number]
UnknownMod_hspd [floating point number]
UnknownMod_movetospawn [name]

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