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Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press [Esc], then type one of the following codes at a constant pace to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Bob is invincibleucantkillme
Disable invincibilityfleshnblood
AI disabledbraindead
AI enabledeinstein
AI vision disabledicantsee
AI vision enabledicanseeu
Camera is fixedfreezecam
Camera is freethawcam
Character wireframe enabledcharwireon
Character wireframe disabledcharwireoff
World wireframe enabledworldwireon
World wireframe disabledworldwireoff
Polygon count enabledonpolycount
Polygon count disabledoffpolycount
End current gametoohardforme
Spawn Armored Behemothmynightmare
Spawn Barmanbestfriend
Spawn Bazookavoodooextreme
Spawn Bazookabigbang
Spawn Behemothonsteroids
Spawn Bouncerletmein
Spawn Buzzsawbuzzbuzz
Spawn Chot 1smellyguy
Spawn Chot 2nohygiene
Spawn Chot 3idontdance
Spawn Chot 4scumbucket
Spawn Chot Behemothsmellysteroids
Spawn Chot Dwarfchotling
Spawn Companion Botkeepmecompany
Spawn Dancer 1bustamove
Spawn Dancer 2cutarug
Spawn DJmixalot
Spawn Dominaincharge
Spawn Female Dweller 1janeplain
Spawn Female Dweller 2jillplain
Spawn Flamethrowerlightmeup
Spawn Fungirlfungirl
Spawn Grenadessoftwarebuys
Spawn Grenadesgetsome
Spawn Gun Commanderguncmndr
Spawn Harpoon Gunstickaround
Spawn Heavy Cophcop
Spawn Hungspecialguy
Spawn Light Coplcop
Spawn Machinegunrapidfire
Spawn Maimerslicendice
Spawn Male Dweller 1averagejoe
Spawn Male Dweller 2averagejack
Spawn Male Dweller 3averagejohn
Spawn Masercoolfx
Spawn Medicheydoc
Spawn Medium Copmcop
Spawn Offensive Botaddedfirepower
Spawn Pak Guncooloff
Spawn Pimp Daddytophat
Spawn Prost 1workit
Spawn Prost 2mansdream
Spawn Pumpgunboomstick
Spawn Radiation Workerglowstick
Spawn Ratvarmint
Spawn Riot Coprcop
Spawn Scientistegghead
Spawn Subgirl 1femfatale
Spawn Subgirl 2nastyone
Spawn Waitressbringmeadrink
Spawn Weapon Ammogamespot
Spawn Weapon Ammoillbeback
Spawn Weldercantseemyface
Spawn Welding Torchweldme
Spawn Workerworkinman

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