No More Room In Hell


Cheat Codes

Select "Advanced", and choose the "Enable Developer Console" option in the menu. Type "sv_cheats 1" at the console window to enable cheat mode when "Create A Server" is selected. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Spawn all weapons impulse 101
Increase number of items you can carry inv_maxcarry [number]
Toggle A.I. ai_disable
Mimics Spectator mode noclip

Easy "Bare Knuckle" and "Blinded By The Light" achievements

Equip the fire axe, as it weakens zombies very effectively. Find regular zombies. Children, runners, and the National Guard have varying amounts of health and are not suitable. Use a short tap to hit the zombie's head with light swing. If done correctly, your character should swing the axe horizontally and take the zombie's health down so the next hit will bring it down. If your hit did not make him stumble, immediately press V to shove him. Switch to bare fists (for "Bare Knuckle") or the Maglite (for "Blinded By the Light"), and hit it in the face. Repeat the process as many times as needed to get the "Bare Knuckle" and "Blinded By The Light" achievements.

Easy "Blunt Force Trauma" achievement

Find a lead pipe. Two basic attacks can kill normal zombies and runners, while a single basic attack is all that is needed for the children.

Easy "Hands Off My Man" achievement

When someone is grabbed by a zombie, press V on that zombie to shove it away and get the "Hands Off My Man" achievement.

Easy "Havana On The Hudson" achievement

Play the "nmo_Junction" map and complete it. You must remain alive to get the "Havana On The Hudson" achievement.

Easy "Heroics" achievement

Select a survival map. Get infected, then kill twenty zombies to get a respawn token and the "Heroics" achievement.

Easy "Kevorkian" achievement

Shoot an infected person in the head until he or she dies to get the "Kevorkian" achievement.

Easy "One Free Man" achievement

Crowbars are common melee weapons that are found in various locations. Drop your current melee weapon, and collect a crowbar when one is found. To easily kill zombies with it, hold the Mouse Button for a few seconds, and aim for your target's head. After any hit with the crowbar, quickly press V to shove it away to avoid getting grabbed.

Easy "Saturday The 14th" achievement

Play the "nms_campblood" map and complete it to get the "Saturday The 14th" achievement.

Easy "Social Responsibility" achievement

Enter the "Options" menu, select "Keyboard", and bind the suicide action to a key. Start a game, get infected, then kill yourself to get the "Social Responsibility" achievement.

Easy "Take It Back" achievement

There are a few zones in survival maps which you must protect. They have a percentage based on how well protected they are, which decreases when infected are in the zone. There are military containers around the map where you can collect FEMA bags. Placing these bags into a zone restores some of that percentage. The zone must be below 50% before a bag is used. Note: This can be done in single player or while online.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    357 Reasons: Get 500 kills with the S&W 686-6.
    A Drink to go with the Food: Get 250 kills with the Molotov Cocktail.
    Ace of Spades: Get 250 kills with the Spade.
    Adolescent Resident: Get 250 kills with the Monkey Wrench.
    All or None: Complete any official NMO map with 8 players alive.
    Band of Brothers: We stick together. Join the official Steam group for No More Room in Hell.
    Bare Knuckle: You like a good challenge? Engage 1000 zombies in fisticuffs and win.
    Better Red Than Dead: Get 250 kills with the Sledgehammer.
    Blinded By the Light: Get 250 kills with the Maglite.
    Blunt Force Trauma: Get 250 kills with the Lead Pipe.
    BOPE: Successfully survive Favela.
    Box Office Hit: Successfully complete Broadway.
    Boys of Summer: Get 250 kills with the Baseball Bat.
    But They Used to be People!: Complete Broadway, Chinatown, and Cabin without killing any Zombies.
    Cabin Fever: Successfully complete Cabin.
    Chainsaw Massacre: Get 250 kills with the Chainsaw.
    Clear Skies: Successfully survive Flooded.
    Closing Time!: Successfully survive Northway.
    Come Get Some: 15 Seconds. 30 Zombies. One Chainsaw..
    County of Kings: Successfully complete Brooklyn.
    Czechmate: Get 500 kills with the CZ858.
    Dingle Berry: Successfully complete Cleopas.
    El Mariachi: Get 500 kills with the Ingram M-10.
    Fire in the Hole!: Get 250 kills with the M67 Frag Grenade.
    First Blood: Get 500 kills with the PSE Deer Hunter.
    For Whom the Bell Tolls: Successfully survive Silence.
    Freedom: Successfully survive Isolated.
    Give 'Er: Get 250 kills with the FUBAR.
    Go Out with a BANG!: Kill yourself and 8 zombies with one explosive.
    Hands Off My Man: Save another player who has been grabbed by a Zombie.
    Havana on the Hudson: Successfully complete Junction.
    HAZMAT Team: Kill 500 zombies with at least 3 people from your friends list in the game with you.
    Hell's Kitchen: Get 250 kills with the Kitchen Knife.
    Heroics: Earn a Respawn Token while infected.
    Hey, Paul!: Get 250 kills with the Fire Axe.
    Honorary Warringtonian: Successfully survive Arpley.
    Hypochondriac: In one life, take four bottles of pills to stave off a really bad case of death.
    It's Always Sunny in Liverpool: Successfully complete Toxteth.
    Jungle Cleaver: Get 250 kills with the Machete.
    Just Watch Me Explode: Get 250 kills with TNT.
    Katniss: Find and kill a watermelon with the Bow from 20 meters away.
    Kevorkian: Help a fellow survivor who is infected find peace.
    Let Your Inner Light Shine: Get 500 kills with the Flare Gun.
    Lethal Weapon: Get 500 kills with the Beretta M92FS.
    Light's Out: Complete Broadway in 5.5 minutes or less.
    Mare's Laig: Get 500 kills with the Winchester 1892.
    Mark It Zero: Get 500 kills with the Colt 1911.
    Motherland!: Get 500 kills with the Simonov SKS.
    New York Minute: Unlock "Party's Over," "Rush Hour," and "Light's Out".
    No Loitering: Successfully survive Ransack.
    No Man Left Behind: Complete any official NMS map with 8 players alive.
    One for Each Eye: Get 500 kills with the SV10 Perennia.
    One Free Man: Get 250 kills with the Crowbar.
    Only YOU: Get 250 kills with the Extinguisher.
    Pacifist: Successfully complete any level without killing a zombie or taking damage.
    Party's Over: Complete Cabin in 5.5 minutes or less.
    Patrick Would Be Proud: Get 500 kills with the Winchester Super X3.
    Pincushion: Stick 10 arrows in 10 different zombies while they still walk.
    Private Beach: Successfully complete Lakeside.
    Problem of Induction: You can never be too sure that your new gun is loaded with a full magazine.
    Rack It: Get 500 kills with the Mossberg 500A.
    Remove the Head, Destroy the Brain: 500 kills-to-the-head resulting in a showery pop.
    Ride the Rails: Successfully survive Midwest.
    Right Arm of the Free World: Get 500 kills with the FN FAL.
    Robin in the Hood: Kill any enemy (Zombie or National Guard) from 125+ feet with the bow.
    Rush Hour: Complete Chinatown in 10 minutes or less.
    Safe Action: Get 500 kills with the Glock 17.
    Saturday the 14th: Successfully survive Camp Blood.
    Say Hello to Your Aunt Alicia!: Successfully complete FEMA.
    Sniper School: Get 500 kills with the Remington JAE-700.
    Social Responsibility: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.
    Solder This: Get 250 kills with the Welder.
    Some Room Left in Hell: 100% Complete! Unlock all achievements! Thanks for playing!
    Special Weapons and Tactics: Get 500 kills with the MP5A3.
    Stabbity Style: Bayonet kill 10 zombies in 30 seconds.
    Stoner: Get 500 kills with the M16A4.
    Sturm on the Horizon: Get 500 kills with the Sturm Ruger Mk III.
    Take it Back: Use 20 FEMA bags when zones are below 50%.
    The Manhattan Project: Liberate Manhattan - Kill 1,619,090 zombies by any means necessary.
    They're Coming to Get You, Barbara: Successfully survive Night of the Living Dead.
    To Serve and Protect: Get 500 kills with the Remington 870 Police Magnum.
    Toofer Pt. 1: Get 2 kills per 1 bullet from a whole mag of the Sako 85 without reloading.
    Toofer Pt. 2: Get 2 kills per 1 bullet from a whole mag of the JAE-700 without reloading.
    Tri-Fold: Get 250 kills with the Entrenching Tool.
    Troll Toll: Complete Junction in 17 minutes or less.
    Varmint Plinker: Get 500 kills with the Ruger 10/22.
    Waiting for the Worms: Get 250 kills with the Barricade Hammer.
    Way of the Zephyrs: Successfully complete Zephyr.
    We Got This!: Complete the following maps with AT LEAST 6 players without losing a single safe zone or incurring any casualties: Favela, Northway, Flooded, Isolated, NotLD, Ransack.
    White Death: Get 500 kills with the Sako 85.
    Woodsman: Get 250 kills with the Hatchet.
    Year of the Zombie: Successfully complete Chinatown.
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