Rome: Total War - Alexander


Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Add denariadd_money [1-40000]
Units 10% cheaperbestbuy
Complete buildings in the building queueprocess_cq [settlement name]
Create unit in indicated settlementcreate_unit "[general/admiral/settlement]""[unit name]"
Toggle fog of wartoggle_fow
Add of people to your settlementadd_population [settlement] [number]
Win next battleauto_win [attacker/defender]
Best Speaking traitgive_trait "InspiringSpeaker" "[character name]"3
Best Administration traitgive_trait "GoodAdministrator" "[character name]"3
Best Ambushing traitgive_trait "GoodAmbusher" "[character name]"3
Best Berserk traitgive_trait "Berserk" "[character name]"2
Best Bravery traitgive_trait "Brave" "[character name]"5
Best Command traitgive_trait "GoodCommander" "[character name]"5
Best Defender traitgive_trait "GoodDefender" "[character name]"5
Best Discipline traitgive_trait "Disciplinarian" "[character name]"1
Best Drinking/Sobriety traitgive_trait "Drink" "[character name]"1
Best Energy level traitgive_trait "Energetic" "[character name]"4
Best Faith traitgive_trait "PublicFaith" "[character name]"3
Best Poetry traitgive_trait "PoeticSkill" "[character name]"2
Best Rhetoric traitgive_trait "RhetoricSkill" "[character name]"3
Best Siege Attack traitgive_trait "GoodSeigeAttacker" "[character name]"4
Best Siege Defense traitgive_trait "GoodSeigeDefender" "[character name]"4
Best Strategy traitgive_trait "StrategicSkill" "[character name]"3
Best Warlord traitgive_trait "Warlord" "[character name]"4
Best Xenophobic traitgive_trait "Xenophobia" "[character name]"3
Best Attacker traitgive_trait "GoodAttacker" "[character name]"5
Eliminates Arse trait linegive_trait "Arse" "[character name]"0
Eliminates Feck trait linegive_trait "Feck" "[character name]"0

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