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Hard mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Hard difficulty.

Flying ability

Collect all six orbs (you get the sixth orb by defeating the final Boss) to unlock the flying ability for the chicken. Tap X while in Chicken mode to fly.

Alternate ending

Collect all six orbs (you get the sixth orb by defeating the final Boss) to view the alternate ending.

All orb locations

Search the indicated locations to find all six orbs.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Guacamelee! Platinum (Platinum): Your luchador mask is in the mail.
    Viva La Resurrección (Bronze): Become a Luchador.
    We built this city on Guac and Roll (Bronze): Discover Santa Luchita.
    That's one big Gato Frito (Bronze): Kill the Alebrije.
    Cock of the Walk (Bronze): Defeat an enemy as a chicken.
    X'tabay-Bye (Bronze): Redeem X'tabay.
    Snuffed Out (Bronze): Defeat Flame Face.
    Licking his Wounds (Bronze): Defeat Jaguar Javier.
    Wheeee (Bronze): Teleport through an Olmec head.
    Combo Nerd (Bronze): Achieve a 150 Hit Combo.
    Nap Time's Over (Bronze): Wake up an Alebrije.
    Shopaholic (Bronze): Spend $10,000 in the store.
    Catch the Rainbow! (Bronze): Connect with all six special attacks without touching the ground.
    Got to catch them all (Bronze): Find an orb.
    I swat you (Bronze): Defeat a Chupacabra using only Slam.
    Why all the long faces? (Bronze): Enter the world of the dead.
    A Hero is Born (Bronze): Save Pueblucho.
    Want us to untie you? (Bronze): Talk to a Goat.
    My First Power Move (Bronze): Destroy a Block using Uppercut.
    Thick headed (Bronze): Destroy a Block using Headbutt.
    Belly Flop (Bronze): Destroy a Block using Slam.
    Pow (Bronze): Destroy a Block using Dash Punch.
    Stop squirming (Bronze): Defeat an Alux using only Headbutt.
    Giant Killer (Bronze): Defeat 3 giant skeletons.
    Reunited (Bronze): Complete the Missing Doll quest.
    Music to my ears (Bronze): Complete the Mariachi Band quest.
    Delicious (Bronze): Complete the World's Greatest Enchilada quest.
    All Cooped Up (Bronze): Complete the Chicken Herding quest.
    Gumshoe (Bronze): Complete the Chicken Thief quest.
    I AM ERROR (Bronze): Complete the I AM ERROR quest.
    Poncho'd Out (Bronze): Complete the Combo Chicken quest (Defeat Poncho forever).
    Flawless (Bronze): Defeat an arena without taking any damage.
    That's using your head (Bronze): Headbutt an enemy off a cliff.
    Rocketman (Bronze): Soar through the air for 12 seconds using "Goat Fly".
    Nooks and Crannies (Bronze): Find 100% of the hidden items in a single area.
    Big Hearted (Bronze): Complete a full heart upgrade.
    Endurance (Bronze): Complete a full stamina upgrade.
    They hit really hard (Bronze): Defeat 5 arenas in Hard mode.
    Green Thumb (Bronze): Uproot 20 plant enemies.
    Boomerang (Bronze): Defeat an enemy with its own projectile.
    Boom-Shack-Calaca (Silver): Defeat Calaca.
    Lore Master (Silver): Complete All Side Quests.
    Cleaned Out (Silver): Buy all the items in the shop.
    The Never Ending Combo (Silver): Achieve a 300 Hit Combo.
    Up Close and Personal (Silver): Defeat Calaca using only melee attacks.
    That was Hard Mode? (Gold): Defeat the game on Hard mode.
    Who put these here??? (Gold): Collect every chest in the game.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    El Savior (Gold): Access the alternative ending (collect all orbs).

The following trophies require the "El Diablo's Domain" bonus downloadable content:

    World Champion (Gold): Earn a Gold Medal in all Infierno challenges.
    Title Contendor (Silver): Earn a Silver Medal in all Infierno challenges.
    Heavyweight (Bronze): Earn a Bronze Medal in all Infierno challenges.
    GOOOOOOOAL! (Bronze): Complete Infierno challenge 10 and challenge 15 as El Portero.
    Beastly (Bronze): Complete Infierno challenge 17 as the Alebrije.
    The Devil wears Revenge! (Bronze): Defeat Calaca with full health in Diablo's Suit.
    The Old-Fashioned Way (Bronze): Complete Infierno challenge 14 using Goat Fly no more than four times.

The following trophies require the "Skin Pack" bonus downloadable content:

    Which came first? (Bronze): Enter egg mode while playing as the Pollo Luchador.
    I feel empty inside (Bronze): Collect a health orb as the Skeleton Luchador.
    Bag o'bricks (Bronze): Throw an enemy while playing as Juanita or Tostado.
    GREETINGS, FELLOW CHICKEN (Silver): As the Pollo Luchador, find and talk to each of the four giant chickens with the green sombreros.
    Heroine-ism (Silver): Defeat Calaca with Player 1 playing as Juanita.
    Bone on bone (Gold): Conquer the final column of arenas in La Caverna del Pollo as the Skeleton Luchador.
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