NCAA Football 2000


Hidden stadiums

Choose the "Stadium Select" option on the team selection screen. Then, hold L2 + R2 until the bottom of the column with the various bowl stadiums is selected. Repeat this to eventually get the bowl stadiums and some pro stadiums.

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following cheats at the secret codes screen to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The codes must be carefully entered, as invalid or incorrect entries may crash the game.

All exhibition mode stadiumsSTADSGALORE
Maximum recruiting pointsSTAFFUP
Super stats teamUNSTOPPABLE
Maximum attribute pointsBLUECHIP
Receivers always catch the ballGIMMEDABALL
Defense always interceptsPIXGALORE
Defense always tacklesBRICKWALL
Extra long kicksICBM
Faster game playSCRAMBLE
Faster daylight effectsTIMEFLIES
Knock down referee for 1 pointBADCALL
Change title to NCAA 1900Y2K
Wind at maximumSAFETY
Complete pollCONTROVERSY
View entire rankingsCONTROVERSEY
View introduction sequenceBIGSCREEN
1946 Notre Dame teamGOLDPAINT
1957 Notre Dame teamSTREAKOVER
1959 Mississippi teamHEYREB
1962 Wisconsin teamBUCKY
1965 Michigan State teamBIGGREEN
1966 Michigan State teamNEEDAWIN
1966 Notre Dame teamTAKETHETIE
1968 Ohio State team5TITLES
1968 USC teamNICERUN
1969 Arkansas teamWOOPIGSOOEY
1969 Texas teamTEXASFIGHT
1970 Ohio State teamBRUTUS
1970 Stanford teamMVPQB
1971 Nebraska teamGAMEOFCENTURY
1971 Oklahoma teamSCHOONER
1973 Alabama teamPLAYTHEPASS
1973 Michigan teamRUNNERUP
1973 Notre Dame teamGUTSYCALL
1973 Ohio State teamWINNINGVOTE
1974 Notre Dame teamLOSTLEAD
1974 USC teamRALLY
1975 Arizona State teamDEJAVU
1975 Nebraska teamHERBIE
1976 Georgia teamHEDGES
1976 Pittsburgh teamRUSHTD
1978 Alabama teamGOALLINESTAND
1978 Penn State teamSHOULDAPASSED
1979 Ohio State teamJUSTSHORT
1979 USC teamMVPRUN
1981 Clemson teamTOUCHTHEROCK
1981 North Carolina teamNOTHINGFINER
1982 Cal teamTHEPLAY
1982 Georgia teamSICEMDAWGS
1982 Penn State teamLIONPRIDE
1982 Stanford teamTROMBONE
1983 Miami teamKNOCKITDOWN
1983 Nebraska teamGOFOR2
1984 Boston College teamMIRACLE
1984 Miami teamBADLUCK
1985 Alabama teamBLOCKTHATKICK
1985 Auburn teamSMARTBACK
1985 Oklahoma teamUPSETLIONS
1985 Penn State teamSOONERLATER
1986 Penn State teamLINEBACKERINT
1986 Miami teamFATIGUES
1987 Miami teamMONSTERD
1987 Oklahoma teamSLOWSTART
1988 Notre Dame teamLEPRECHAUN
1988 West Virginia teamHURTQB
1989 Alabama teamTOOMUCHD
1989 Colorado teamMISSEDCHANCES
1989 Notre Dame teamLIFTOFF
1991 Miami teamSHUTOUT
1991 Michigan teamNICEPOSE
1991 Nebraska teamHITTHEWEIGHTS
1991 Washington teamWILDDOGS
1992 Alabama teamREALMENPLAYZONE
1992 Miami teamTOOTALENTED
1993 Florida State teamTOMAHAWK
1993 Nebraska teamREFUSELOSE
1994 Miami teamRUNOUTSIDE
1994 Nebraska teamSTEAMROLLER
1994 Oregon teamGREENGANG
1994 Penn State teamALMOSTNO.1
1996 Florida teamPUTINLARRY
1996 Florida State teamGETTHEQB
1997 Washington State teamTURNOVER
1997 Nebraska teamCORNFED
1997 Michigan teamSPLITVOTE
1997 Tennessee teamSMOKEY
All Tiburon teamLASERBEAMS
All EA Sports teamINTHEGAME

-Some codes from:

Patch codes

Enter one of the following cheats at the secret codes screen to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: This game has the capability of accepting custom "patches" through the code screen, giving it a "Virtual GameShark" capability to modify the program on the fly. Thus, codes must be carefully entered, as invalid or incorrect entries may crash the game.

Disable pre-play TV style camerasK3G3UHF10CCG0
Easier difficulty in JV mode for even easier difficultyQ209AH60A0
Easier difficulty in All American modeS3GCAH05000G0
Disable demo auto-start from main menuVBGIN62008041

Touchdown celebrations

Before entering the endzone, hold L1 + L2, then repeatedly tap one of the following buttons after scoring:

    Heismen pose

    While holding L1 + L2, repeatedly tap X.

    Ball spike

    While holding L1 + L2, repeatedly tap Circle.

    Muscle flexing

    While holding L1 + L2, repeatedly tap Square.

    Back flip

    While holding L1 + L2, repeatedly tap Triangle.

    Spin the ball

    While holding L1 + L2, repeatedly tap R1.

Game Shark Codes

Reverse Joker Command P1D008367E ????
Reverse Joker Command P2D0083682 ????
Infinite Creation Points800E3EDE 00FF
Max Stats800E3F26 6464
800E3F28 6464
300E3F2A 0064
Home Team Infinite Time Outs8008595C 0003
Home Team No Time Outs8008595C 0000
Home Team Scores 0D000E24C 0001
8008594E 0000
Home Team Scores 99D000E24C 0001
8008594E 0063
Home Team Score ModifierD000E24C 0001
8008594E ????
Home Team Has Control of Ball80080D70 0001
80080D74 0000
P1 First Down (Press L1)D008367E 0400
800811C0 0001
P1 Fourth Down (Press L2)D008367E 0100
800811C0 0004
Away Team Infinite Time Outs80087BD0 0003
Away Team No Time Outs80087BD0 0000
Away Team Scores 0D000E24C 0001
80087BC2 0000
Away Team Scores 99D000E24C 0001
80087BC2 0063
Away Team Score ModifierD000E24C 0001
80087BC2 ????
Away Team Has Control of Ball80080D70 0000
80080D74 0001
P2 First Down (Press L1)D0083682 0400
800811C0 0001
P2 Fourth Down (Press L2)D0083682 0100
800811C0 0004

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