Lupin The Third: Treasure Of The Sorceror King


The Hideout

Successfully complete the game to unlock Lupin's Hideout. You can view all items stolen, records, and listen to all music from the game.

Thirty-Eight handgun

Lupin does get his Thirty-Eight handgun from Jigen in the City. Do not to use it to fire on policemen, security guards, and civilians or you will instantly get a game over. However, once you encounter the Raven Kruez ninjas and stone beasts underground, you are free to fire at will.


Goemon's special attack allows him to cut down any objects that fly at him, including bullets and the ninja's shurikens.


Jigen's Magnum is twice as powerful as Lupin's Thirty-Eight and can kill any enemy with a few well placed shots.

Final train puzzle room

To get the pitcher, you must use the keycard you find in the globe (simple puzzle) to unlock the switches. Next pull the green lever, then the blue one, then the red one, then push the statues that match the holograms onto them. The pitcher should be released.

Defeating Theodore

When fighting Theodore for the first time, run behind the medium-sized rock so that it will block most of his fireballs. Then, have Lupin fire on Theodore in first person view. Also watch for the ninjas that spawn constantly and that blindside you from time to time. Additionally, when fighting Theodore for the second time, you merely need to fire on Theodore and run to avoid his fireball attacks. However, only hit him once, as he is immune to damage as he rises into the air to attack.

Defeating Ancient Giant Boss

Fire at his neck in first person view and run around when he strikes the ground with his staff that causes fireballs to fall on your position. Note: The fireballs will not hit Lupin if he keeps moving.

Castle lock

When you get to the castle level, you will come upon a note which reads:


You will then reach a lock where you must enter the correct code number . To enter the code, first put in 14, then 15, 04, 13.

Train code locations

    Lock 1: In the pocket of the police uniform you find. Just put it on and Lupin will pull it out of the pocket.

    Lock 2: Written on a blackboard below the card where you witness Zenigata talking to Teresa (behind two guards).

    Lock 3: Two halves of one paper with the code are scattered around before you reach the locked door.

    Lock 4: The clues are written in the policeman's diary you find on the floor. The answer is 1355, and it never changes.

    Lock 5: The answer is the expiration date on Zenigata's bowl of instant noodles found in a passengers compartment.

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