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Easy ranks

In story mode you can only gain one rank per game. Once you go up one rank (usually after reaching the goal within two minutes for a second time) just top out, watch the scenery change, and start again to gain another rank.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Character 1 Codes
Tetris L10CE4BEE6A BCA99B8D
Square Tetris L10CE4BEE76 BCA99B8D
Cascade Tetris L10CE4BEE72 BCA99B8D
Sticky Tetris L10CE4BEE7E BCA99B8D
Hot-Line Tetris L10CE4BEE7A BCA99B8D
Fusion Tetris L10CE4BEE06 BCA99B8D
Learning Tetris L10CE4BEE02 BCA99B8D
Character 2 Codes
Tetris L10CE4BE292 BCA99B8D
Square Tetris L10CE4BE29E BCA99B8D
Cascade Tetris L10CE4BE29A BCA99B8D
Sticky Tetris L10CE4BE2A6 BCA99B8D
Hot-Line Tetris L10CE4BE2A2 BCA99B8D
Fusion Tetris L10CE4BE2AE BCA99B8D
Learning Tetris L10CE4BE2AA BCA99B8D

Note: The following codes are for arcade mode. The names are randomly generated. "Character 1" is the character that is selected when you go into arcade mode for the first time. You must beat the first level to jump to Level 10.

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