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  • It's time to take sides, as one of the most epic superhero battles in comic history is about to spill over into theaters. But before you choose your team, make sure you have all the facts. Join CheatCC as we help you prepare for the war we've all been waiting for!

  • Team YP were recently banned from the competitive circuit due to the x-rated content of their sponsor. Some feel it was unjust, while others believe certain standards must be maintained as eSports continue to grow in viewership and popularity. But was this decision fair?

  • Sometimes, advertisements sneak into games. Other times they're blatantly shoved in your face. Did you catch these ten recent cases of product placement? Join CheatCC as we count them money-grabbing shill at a time.

  • Who would pay $299 for a Wii U when they could pay $50 more for a PS4 or Xbox One? The numbers simply don't add up. But what if Nintendo slashed the price?

  • Gears of War 4 recently stamped a release date, and with all the gears in motion, what better way to get the community involved and excited than by tossing us a multiplayer beta? It's an appetizer of modes and maps, but it's more than enough to satisfy our initial hunger.

GT Sport and The Last Guardian to Release This Year

Still no word on the supposed Horizon: Zero Dawn delay, but the future looks bright regardless.

Modern Warfare Remaster Content Revealed

This might just be my most anticipated first-person shooter of 2016.

Lionhead Studios Closes Down Today

Long-time employees and developers tweet their heartbroken goodbyes.

Microsoft to Unveil New Xbox and Controller at E3

Don't worry, this won't be a $400 Xbox One Neo.

Ratchet and Clank Join Dead Star

Ratchet and Clank are flying into Dead Star.

Alicia Vikander is Lara Croft

The next Lara Croft has been cast!

VR Minecraft Gets in Gear on Samsung Gear Phones

People with Samsung Gear compatible phones can start enjoying Minecraft in virtual reality.

Steam Celebrates Golden Week With an Anime Sale

The second annual Steam Anime Weekend Sale has begun!

No Man’s Sky Prioritizes Lore Over Story

There'll be plenty of lore to explore in No Man's Sky.

Battleborn - Launch Trailer

Battleborn is AVAILABLE ON MAY 3rd on PS4, PC, and Xbox One!

Is a PlayStation 5 Launch on the Horizon?

It's way too early for a PlayStation employee to confirm or deny a PlayStation 5.

Team Stark vs. Team Cap: Whose Side Are You On?

It’s time to take sides, as one of the most epic superhero battles in comic history is about to spill over into theaters.

Call of Duty FINALLY Returns to Its Roots…Sort of

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare appears to be getting a remaster, and that's great news.

Is Early Access Just a Sleazy Cash Grab?

We can't let companies start bumping up release dates for those willing to pay a high premium.

Huge Street Fighter V Update Incoming

Guile joins the fight, the first new stage is added, and matchmaking shakes things up online.

Xenoblade Chronicles Comes to Wii U Virtual Console

This is by far the most convenient and affordable way to experience this JRPG masterpiece.

Sony Has Shipped an Unbelievable 40 Million PS4s

Revenue generated through PSN alone leaves Nintendo in the dust.

Crowd-Publishing Platform BrightLocker Is Live

Have a great idea for a video game that you think could be huge? Pitch it to the community and see what they think!

PlayStation - Path To Greatness: Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey talks about his dedication to football, training and family.

Xbox - May Games with Gold

May's Games with Gold for One and 360 includes Costume Quest 2, Grid 2 and more!

Mira Joins Maya in Killer Instinct

Maya’s sister, Mira, shares her Killer Instinct.

You May Ride the Mass Effect 4D Ride This May

Mass Effect: New Earth will come to this planet on May 18.

Mario Kart 8 and Pokemon X/Y Are Nintendo’s Top Sellers

Mario Kart 8 and Pokemon X/Y are Nintendo's reigning 3DS and Wii U champs.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remaster Leaked

It looks like Call of Duty fans will have infinite possibilities when it comes to virtual warfare this year.