Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes Of Lagaard



Note: This game is also titled Sekaiju No Meikyuu 2: Shoou No Seihai.

  • Town Crown

    Enter the following password to get an item called Town Crown, which adds the following stats: HP +15, TP +15, All Stats +2.

      u7jbRzMJFK9JOsZU1rDZ 8?bZ8sDJ5MDgOuP7OIZg 2MenPdC3SCuqnXTRz6Fl GmDEPCvxGMFeOp

  • Beast class

    Defeat the fifth floor Boss, then return to where you met Kurogane. He will give you the Trust Band. Go to the Explorer Guild with it to unlock the Beast class.

  • Brute Wing

    Kill Chimarea while it is poisoned to get the Brute Wing.

  • Cut Quill

    Kill Harupia while she is poisoned to get the Cut Quill.

  • Red Claws

    Kill Hellion with Death status (Issen, Climax) to get the Red Claws.

  • Red Spine

    Kill Colossus without bashing it (no bash element attacks) to get the Red Spine.

  • Snow Bone

    Kill Scylla in five or less turns to get the Snow Bone.

  • Background music

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the "BGM" option that can be used while playing the game.

  • Easy Entai

    Recruit or create five new members. Put them all in your party at once. Unequip the weapon and armor they are wearing. Dismiss all five of the newly created people. Go to the shop, and sell the weapons and armor that you just unequipped. Both are worth 10 Entai each, for a total of 100 Entai. The fastest method is to create about fifteen new people at a time, unequip them all, sell the items, then repeat.

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