Strategy Guide

  • Clefable

    To get this Pokemon, go to the top of Viridian City. Talk to the old man and answer "No" when he asks if you are in a hurry. After he explains how to catch a Weedle, fly to Fuchsia City. Use Surf and go to Seafoam Island and surf up and down (while in the water) until Clefable appears. It should be at level 137.

  • Ditto

    Place a level 5 Magikarp at the front of the lineup and allow Ditto transform into it.

  • Fearow

    To get this Pokemon, go to the top of Viridian City. Talk to the old man and answer "No" when he asks if you are in a hurry. After he explains how to catch a Weedle, fly to Fuchsia City. Use Surf and go to Seafoam Island and surf up and down (while in the water) until Fearow appears.

  • Kangaskhan

    Fly to Fuchsia City, then use Surf and go to Seafoam Island. Surf up and down until Pokemon "M" appears. Catch it, nickname it, and use one Rare Candy on it to evolve it into Kangaskhan.

    The following steps can also be used to easily get a Kangaskhan on the Red version of the game, and may also work in the Blue version. Go to the top of Viridian City. Talk to the old man and answer "No" when he asks if you are in a hurry. After he explains how to catch a Weedle, fly to Cinnabar Island. Surf to the east part of the island. Make sure you do not go on any grassy area. Keep surfing until a wild "M" appears; it looks exactly like MissingNo. Capture him, then run from battle because it will act as if you did not catch him. He would always be at level 0. Then, give him a Rare Candy or make it at least gain a level. When he gains a level, he will start evolving.

  • Mankey

    To get Mankey, talk to the old man that tells you how to catch Pokemon. Then, go to the first patch of grass on the way to the Pokemon League. There are many Mankeys at that location.

  • Mewtwo

    To get Mewtwo, the rarest of all Pokemon (#150), defeat Pokemon League, and enter the cave in Cerulean city. Mewtwo is located deep within the cave.

  • Pikachu

    You can only catch a Pikachu in Viridian Forest and the abandoned power plant.

  • Sandslash

    To get this Pokemon, go to the top of Viridian City. Talk to the old man and answer "No" when he asks if you are in a hurry. After he explains how to catch a Weedle, fly to Fuchsia City. Use Surf and go to Seafoam Island and surf up and down (while in the water) until Sandslash appears. It should be at level 27 or 37.

  • Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo

    You must have a Haunter at level 60 to capture all of these Pokemon. Put the Pokemon to be captured to sleep, then use Night Shade to weaken them. Finally, use an Ultra Ball. Hold A until the ball opens, then let it go to capture them. If it fails, try the Ultra Ball again at least three times. Note: Articuno is very difficult to capture.

    Another strategy is to use a powerful Raichu and Ultra Balls for Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. For Mewtwo, try using Artcicuno first and freeze it with Blizzard and Ice Beam. Then, weaken it with other Pokemon before finishing the battle with a Raichu and Poke Ball.

    An easy way to catch the the legendary birds (Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos) is to put them to sleep using Gastly, Haunter or Gengar. Use Dream Eater until they only have a very small amount of energy left. Then, throw Ultra Balls until they are caught.

  • Rare bird Pokemon locations

    Articuno (Seafoam Isle), Moltres (Victory Road), Zapdos (Abandoned power plant).

  • Blue version Pokemon

    The following Pokemon are only found in the Blue version of the game:

  • Red version Pokemon

    The following Pokemon are only found in the Red version of the game:

  • Highest abilities
      1-3 Solar Beam
      4-6 Fire Spin
      7-9 Hydro Pump
      10 String Shot
      11 Harden
      12 Psybeam
      13 See 10
      14 See 11
      15 Agility
      16-18 Mirror Move
      19-20 Super Fang
      21-22 See 15
      23-24 Acid
      25 Thunder
      26 Thunder Wave
      27-28 Fury Swipes
      29-30 Double Kick
      31 Body Slam
      32-33 See 29-30
      34 Thrash
      35 Light Screen
      36 Metronome
      37 See 4-6
      38 Roar
      39 Double-Edge
      40 Double Slap
      41-42 Haze
      43-45 See 1-3
      46-47 Growth
      48-49 Psychic
      50-51 Earthquake
      52-53 Slash
      56-57 See 7-9
      58 Flamethrower
      59 Take Down
      60-61 See 7-9
      62 Water Gun
      63 Teleport
      64-65 Reflect
      66-68 Submission
      69-70 Slam
      71 Sleep Power
      72-73 See 7-9
      74-76 Explosion
      77-78 See 15
      79-80 Psychic
      81-82 Screech
      83 Slash
      84-85 See 15

    The remainder are the same attacks listed above.

  • Hints, tips, and tricks
      Missingno Pokemon

      The North American version of the game contains the following glitch Pokemon, which is obtained by using these steps. Go to Cinnabar Island. Enter into the building where the man makes Pokemon out of fossils. Enter the first room in the building with people that want to trade Pokemon. Trade with one of these people; it does not matter which one. Go back outside and move to the far right side of the building. Then, surf up and down the side of the island while half on land and half in the water. Keep surfing until challenged by a glitch that resembles a microchip or barcode. He is part bird and part water type and starts on level 80. Note: Obtaining Missingno can keep the game from continuing correctly, including preventing linked battles, and other bad effects. It is recommended that Missingno be released unless you are just experimenting with the game. Store the Missingno Pokemon in Bill's PC. It will eventually turn into a Rhydon.

      Pokemon "M"

      Go to Viridian City and talk to the old man. When he asks if you are in a hurry, answer "No". After he explains how to catch a Weedle, fly to Cinnabar Island. Surf on the side of Cinnabar that faces the Seafoam Islands to find the Pokemon "M". You may also find level 132 Mewtwos and Alakazams. Note: Obtaining "M" can keep the game from continuing correctly, including preventing linked battles, and other bad effects. It is recommended that "M" be released unless you are just experimenting with the game. By using this trick, you also have a very rare chance of getting Mew.

      Infinite items

      To get 99 of any item, first put the item to be multiplied in the sixth slot. Then, fly to Viridian City. Talk to the old man almost all the way north of the town. When he asks if you are in a hurry, answer "No". After he explains how to catch a Weedle, fly to Fuchsia City. Make your way south, then when you reach the water's edge, use Surf and go to Seafoam Island. After arriving, swim up and down the beach until running into Pokemon "M". Then, defeat "M" or run away, but do not catch him. You should now have 99 of your sixth item. Note: You can do this trick as many times as desired, and "M" can be caught again. Instead of having to fly back to Viridian City to do the trick over again (if duplicating more than one item), the items may be switched if you stay in the water. Additionally, instead of "M" a level 128 Starmie (Red Version) or Snorlax (Blue Version) may appear.

      Find the Missingno Pokemon and defeat him. Then a design will appear in your sixth item. Deposit your sixth item individually until it totals 99. You can divide the items by fifty. If a no more room message appears, just withdraw an item and keep depositing the sixth item. Check the CPU when this is complete to find two groups of 99 of the same item.

      Infinite money

      For infinite money, place a gold nugget in the sixth item slot and get 99 of them by using the "Infinite items" trick. Sell all except one to increase your money. Use the remaining gold nugget to repeat this procedure. Go to any Pokemart and sell the nuggets until you have 999,999 coins. Go to Celadon City and go to the Game Corner. Go inside and talk to the man at the counter, who is on the right of the counter. He will ask you if you need coins. Say yes. He will give you 50 coins. Continue until you have about 7,000 coins. Now you can buy any item or Pokemon in the Prize Exchange house.

      Quickly raise Pokemon levels

      Use the "Infinite items" trick with Rare Candy. Once duplicated, use the Rare Candys on all your Pokemon that are at very low levels to quickly increase them. Note: The highest level possible is 100.

      Strong Pokemon

      Use the "Infinite items" trick after getting 1 Protein, Iron, Carbos, and Calcium at Celadon City. Put Protein in the sixth spot, duplicate it, then repeat with Iron and the rest of the items. Use them on your Pokemon to pump them up.

      Catch Pokemon easier

      Use the "Infinite items" trick and duplicate the Master Ball. Then, use the Master Ball on all the Pokemon that you do not have to quickly capture.

      Save money

      Instead of repeatedly paying to get in the Safari Zone, save the game after entering. Then, instead of paying again, just turn off the Game Boy and turn it back on.

      More than one Rare Candy item slot (Blue version)

      Note: This code requires six badges, Fly, Cut, Surf, and may only be done after the Elite 4 are defeated. Use the "Infinite items" trick with Rare Candy. Then, fly to Cerulean City and go to the end of the Nugget Bridge. Turn left to where there is a long strip of grassy area bordered by water. Then, surf through the water path to the hidden dungeon. Fight various Pokemon and find a Rare Candy, then save the game. Turn off the game, then load the previously saved game. Tight another Pokemon or two, then press Start, go to items, two slots of Rare Candy should appear. Note: This trick may not work every time, and may also be done on Victory Road.

      Old man on roof

      Step to the right of the door at the gym where you get the Volcano Badge. You should be on the edge of the water. Use Lapras to surf out into the water. Then, come back in and go to the door. The game will say that the door is locked. Look on the roof to find an old man.

      Teleporting old man

      This trick is similar to the old man on roof trick. Go into Celadon City. Store your bike on the PC, then go to the building that leads to Cycling Road. When you try to go past the guard, he will tell you that no pedestrians are allowed on Cycling Road. While he is telling you this, look at the wall behind him. The old man will be on top of the wall. When you move back by one little square, go down toward the stairs and try to get past the guard again. He will tell you the same thing again, and this time the old man will be a little to your left.

      Phantom PC

      Go to the hotel in Celadon City. Move to the upper right corner. Stand just in front of the upper right hand corner, just like in the Pokemon Centers. Then, press A to access the PC.


      Catch all 150 Pokemon. Then, talk to the man in the Celedon Mansion's Game Freak corner (the man that is not using the computer). He will give you a surprise diploma.

      Easy experience

      Trade all the Pokemon in your team to a friend, then trade them back. They will now earn 1.5 times the experience points in battles.

      An easy way to earn experience for a weaker Pokemon is to put your lowest-level Pokemon at the top of your list. Then when a fight begins, it will be the first Pokemon released. Instead of fighting, just switch to a stronger Pokemon. The weaker Pokemon will share the experience from the battle without being put in any danger. This is a good way to make your Pokemon gain experience evenly.

      You can get high experience points by using the Exp. All. Deposit the other Pokemon in the poke box in a pokemon center. Then, simply go defeat a Pokemon. The experience will multiply itself by two, therefore giving the Pokemon double experience.

      Winning money in Celadon City

      Enter Celadon City and get the coin case from the man in the back of the diner. Go to the slots and ask for some free coins. You will use these to play the slots and win Pokemon prizes. Here is how to find the slot machine that pays out the most. When you walk in, there are rows of slots. Find the man to the far left that says "wins come and go". Below him is a machine that is out of order. Play the machine directly beneath it. Do not get frustrated if you do not win constantly. If it stops paying out a lot, leave, go train your Pokemon, and come back later. Also try walking around Celadon's Game Corner and repeatedly press A to find coins that people have dropped. Note: This trick works more often in the "Blue" version of the game.


      An Abra is hard to catch, but it is worth it. When your Pokemon are weak and you need to get to a Pokecenter quickly, press Start and choose Pokemon. A list of your Pokemon will appear. If you have Abra with you, choose him and select teleport. Note: You have to be outside first; use an escape rope if needed. It will take you directly to the last Pokemon Center visited.

      Clone Pokemon

      Note: This trick requires another Game Boy and Pokemon game. Trade the Pokemon to be cloned, and have the other player get a Pokemon that he or she does not care about. Trade them, and make sure the player receiving the bad Pokemon can see the other player's screen. When the Game Boy that receives the good Pokemon's displays "Waiting", get ready to shut the other Game Boy off. When the "Waiting" message disappears, turn off the Game Boy that is receiving the bad Pokemon. When the "Trade completed" message appears, turn off the remaining Game Boy. Both games will have the same good Pokemon when they are turned back on. Note: Do not attempt this trick with any saved games you wish to keep, as it can corrupt those files if done incorrectly.

      Keep earning money

      A great way to keep getting money even after beating all the trainers in the game is to keep beating the Pokemon League 4 and your rival repeatedly. You can beat them an unlimited number of times. This is also useful to build levels quickly.

      Fight Safari Pokemon elsewhere

      This trick allows you to fight Pokemon from one area of the game in another area. For example, go to the Safari zone and battle for a while. Fight a Tauros, then leave the Safari zone. Then, go to the island where Articuno is found. Swim up and down the shore, at the point where it appears that you are on the ground, but are actually swimming in the water. Monsters from the Safari zone will appear here.

      Safari Zone Pokemon

      You do not have to see the Pokemon in the Safari Zone to catch them. You can just walk into it then back out and have a chance of getting Pokemon.

      Infinite chances to catch rare Pokemon

      First, find a rare Pokemon such as Mewtwo. Then, immediately before entering a battle with it, save the game. Now you can battle the Pokemon without worrying about not catching it. If you make a mistake and make it faint, stop and shut off the game. Then, turn on the game and use the continue option to restart just before the battle.

      Infinite time for Safari Zone (Water Pokemon only)

      This trick allows an unlimited amount of time in the Safari Zone to catch Water Pokemon. Obtain a good or super rod. Next, go to the Safari Zone and find some water. Then, go into inventory and use the rod to start fishing. If a "Not even a nibble" message appears, press A, then quickly press Start. If you got into a fight, check the Pokemon out. If it is one you do not have, catch it then quickly press Start after the battle. Return to the inventory and fish again. If you already have this Pokemon, run from it, then quickly press Start and begin fishing again. This will help you catch some good Water Pokemon with plenty of time.

      Quick Safari Zone captures

      Go to the Safari Zone and use up your time in the different areas. Once the PA removes you from the hunt, fly to Cinnabar Island and surf half on land and in the water on the side facing Seafoam Island. In a short amount of time, you will be able to capture all of the Pokemon from Safari Zone.

      Fish forever

      In the Safari Zone, the 500 units that are allocated when entering are based on number of steps, not time spent. You can fish forever in the park if you go to water and not move the entire time that you are fishing.

      Fishing for good Pokemon

      This trick requires the Blue version of the game, a super rod, and five badges. Go fishing in the Pokemon HQ building. To reach the building, use the path west of Viridian City (route 22). Once inside, some annoying gaurds will ask if you have certain badges. You will eventually reach an indoor pool/lake that must be crossed on a Pokemon that knows Surf. Go fishing here to eventually catch Slowbro, Psyduck, Kingler, Seadra, and Seaking. Additionally, a Ditto may be caught in the grass across from the lake.

      Catching Water Pokemon

      Stand in front of any statue of a gym and use the rod to catch Water Pokemon.

      Better chance to capture Pokemon

      When you throw a Poke Ball, hold A as it closes in on the Pokemon. The Poke Ball will shut tighter, making it easier to catch the Pokemon. Throw any kind of ball while pressing A + Select to have it act like a Master Ball or Ultra Ball.

      When using any kind of Poke Ball (except the Master Ball), enter a battle and prepare to throw it at a Pokemon. As soon as it appears, hold Up + B. The Ball will become a Master Ball and catch the Pokemon. Note: This trick requires precise timing.

      Catch Pokemon at level 15

      Press Start, A, B (requires precise timing) to catch a Pokemon at level 15 with the Poke Ball.

      Harder hitting attacks

      While attacking, hold A to do more damage.

      Get all three beginning monsters at Professor Oak's lab

      Note: Another Game Boy with the game and a link cable are required for this trick. Transfer your Pokemon to the other Game Boy. Begin a new game on the original Game Boy and get a monster that was not collected in the first game and transfer it to the other Game Boy. Repeat this step again, then transfer the monsters back to the original Game Boy. This allows your game to have the three starting Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle) plus any others that were already captured.

      Get level 100 and over Pokemon

      Go to Viridian City and talk to the old man. When he asks if you are in a hurry, answer "No". After he explains how to catch a Weedle, fly to Cinnabar Island. Surf on the side of Cinnabar that faces the Seafoam Islands. In addition to the Missingno Pokemon, regular Pokemon over level 100 will be encountered. Note: After any Pokemon over level 100 gains any experience points, it will drop to level 100. You can raise the Pokemon with Rare Candy up to level 255. After that, they return to level 0.

      High level Pokemon sightings

      At times Pokemon over level 100 will appear in the game. The following types have been seen at those high levels: Nidorino, Golduck, Electrode, Snorlax, Magnaton, Starmie, Mewtwo, Marowak, Goldeen, and Mew (when surfing up and down Cinnabar Island).

      Go on Cycling Road without a bicycle

      Walk up as far as you can in the building to Cycling Road. Walk forward and the guard will say that you cannot go on cycling road without a bicycle. While he is saying that, hold Left and quickly press B several times until you are across from the guard.

      Using the Poke Flute

      The Poke Flute can also be used to wake up sleeping Pokemon during battles, saving money from buying extra Awakenings.

      Using the Item Finder

      The item finder is only useful if you know where to look. Try dead end and secluded areas as well as the underground tunnels.

      Dig advantage

      Dig is very effective against Ghost and Psychic Pokemon.

      Finding Pokemon in grass

      You can cut down the grass you catch Pokemon in by using the Cut move.

      Kakuna and Metapod

      Catch a wild Kakuna or Metapod. Put them to the day care center near Cerulean City. Wait for them to increase at least one level up. Then, pick them up and they will have the same attacks as their former evolutionary stage, but not harden.

      Rare Pokemon

      You can catch evolved forms of rare Pokemon in the Unknown Dungeon (where you get Mewtwo). This includes Wigglytuff, Arbok, Sandslash, Venomoth, Kadabra, Parasect, Raichu, Hypno, Magneton, Dugtrio, Marowak, and Electrode.


      Evolution has good and bad points. Good: Pokemon gain higher stats; you complete your Pokedex faster; useless Pokemon get much more effective (Magikarp into Gyarados). Bad: Pokemon learn attacks slower (Squirtle learns Hydro pump at level 42, Wartortle at level 47, and Blastoise at level 52, ten levels longer than Squirtle).

      Stopping evolution

      At the evolve screen, press B.

      All Pokemon (Game Boy emulators)

      Have any Pokemon saved game inside the "battery" folder (e.g. PokeRed.sav). Then, rename the saved file to the opposite version (e.g. PokeBlue.sav). Run the emulator and catch all the blue version Pokemon. Rename the saved file to the original name (e.g. PokeRed.sav). You should now have the Pokemon from the other version of the game.

      Catch Mew (Japanese version)

      Catch all 150 Pokemon. There is a man in Celadon City in the building where Eevee was found that gives you a very special Pokemon. He is located by taking the path that leads behind the buildings at the farthest north point of the city. There will be a secret door in the building that is off set from the row. Climb the stairs to find a group of people working on computers, when the building is entered from the front. Talk to the man that is not working on a computer to catch Mew.

      Go to Shion Town and change your Koiking's nickname to "Mew". Highlight the thirteenth tool on the tool screen and press Select(8). Attempt to change your Koiking's nickname again to any name. The monster will flash, but the name will remain the same. Then, Mew will now be available.

      Have at least fifteen items and a water Pokemon at the top. Go to any grassy area and highlight the thirteenth item and press Select. Get in any fight and run away, and you should have Mew.

      All Pokemon (Japanese version)

      Note: This code requires two Game Boys, a link cable, and the red and blue versions of the game. Begin a game and find your first monster. Locate the Charmanders field and capture one of them. Link both Game Boys and rapidly and repeatedly use the "Trade" option. All 150 monsters should now be available.

      Raise your Pokemon to level 100 (Japanese version)

      Go to the seventh item in "Tools" and press Select. Get into a fight, then press Select on the attack you dislike to change it. Note: The monster must have all four attack spaces filled. Win the fight. Then your monster will become level 100 and will enter the next stage of its life, if available.

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