Cyberstorm 2


  • Face select

    At the BioDerm facility to select a new pilot face, press [Ctrl] + [Left Square Bracket] or [Ctrl] + [Right Square Bracket].

  • Cheat Codes

    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Using a text editor, edit the "storm.ini" file in the game directory. Add one of more of the following lines under the "[SPECIAL]" header. Then, start a game and press [Ctrl] + O at the indicated screen to activate the corresponding cheat function.

    storm.ini entry Screen
    I'LL BUY THAT FOR A CREDITHerc Base1 credit
    WILL WORK FOR CREDITSHerc Base1,000 credits
    MO MONEYHerc Base10,000 credits
    TOO MUCH WHEATHerc Base100,000 credits
    YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY WONHerc Base1,000,000 credits
    CUCHerc BaseMega credits
    AS GOOD AS IT GETSHerc BaseMax-O-Repair mode
    MUST HAVE!Herc BaseMax-O-Chassis mode
    YOU DA MANHerc BaseMax-O-Commander mode (Tech, Credits, Facilities)
    HOME IS WHERE THE HEART ISHerc BaseMax-O-Facilities mode
    HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYSHerc BaseAll technologies
    IT WAS NICE WHILE IT LASTEDHerc BaseReturn to normal technologies
    DID I BREAK YOUR CONCENTRATIONDuring missionSingle touch of death
    THAT MUST HURTDuring missionMulti touch of death
    THERE CAN BE ONLY ONEDuring missionInvincibility
    DEATH TO ALL WHO OPPOSE USDuring missionCrush all enemies
    FREAKY FRIDAYDuring missionBecome another player
    LET THERE BE LIGHTDuring missionFog of War level
    LET THERE BE LIGHT V2During missionNo Fog of War
    TARSUSDuring missionHeal selected pilots
    IT'S JUST A FLESH WOUNDDuring missionRepair selected vehicles
    FEEL MY WRATHDuring missionRestock selected vehicles
    GO GO POWER RANGERDuring missionReset selected units
    FLY AWAYDuring missionMega turn-based move points
    VENGEANCE IS MINEDuring missionMega turn-based action points

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