Urban Chaos: Riot Response


  • Cheat mode

    At the main menu, press Up(2), Down(2), Circle, Down, Up, Circle to unlock the "Cheat" option at the title screen. Select the "Cheat" option, then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function, which can be toggled on or off (except for "All levels and emergencies"):

      All levels and emergencies

      Enter "KEYTOTHECITY" as a code to unlock all levels and emergencies.

      Long range stungun

      Enter "FRYINGTIME" as a code.

      Minigun instead of pistol

      Enter "MINIFUN" as a code.

      Mk. 3 assault rifle with unlimited grenades

      Enter "ULTIMATEPOWER" as a code.

      Mk. 4 pistol

      Enter "ZEROTOLERANCE" as a code.

      Bullets set fire to enemies

      Enter "BURNINGBULLET" as a code.

      Thermal breather Mk. 2 has better smoke visibility

      Enter "ISEEYOU" as a code.

      Disco mode

      Enter "DANCINGFEET" as a code.

      Terror mode

      Enter "BURNERSREVENGE" as a code.

      Squeaky voices

      Enter "WHATWASTHAT" as a code.

      No heads

      Enter "KEEPYOURHEAD" as a code.

  • Completion bonuses

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the Terror difficulty setting and another level of medals.

  • Spin gun

    Rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise to make Nick spin the gun he is holding. Note: This only works with the pistol.

  • Slow-motion enemy kills

    Rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise two times and the crosshair will turn light blue. The next enemy killed will be shown in slow-motion.

  • Emergency missions

    Capture the indicated number of gang leaders alive to unlock the corresponding Emergency mission:

      Emergency Downtown: Capture 1 gang leader alive.
      Emergency South Side Lot: Capture 2 gang leaders alive.
      Emergency Dockyard: Capture 4 gang leaders alive.
      Emergency Sewers: Capture 6 gang leader alive.
      Emergency Thompson St.: Capture 8 gang leader alive.
      Emergency Angel Heights: Capture 10 gang leader alive.

  • Bonus weapons

    Successfully complete the indicated number of Emergency Situations to unlock the corresponding weapon:

      Shotgun Mk. 1: Successfully complete 1 emergency situation.
      Assault Rifle Mk. 1: Successfully complete 2 emergency situations.
      Shotgun Mk. 2: Successfully complete 3 emergency situations.
      Assault Rifle Mk. 2: Successfully complete 4 emergency situations.
      Shotgun Mk. 3: Successfully complete 5 emergency situations.
      Assault Rifle Mk. 3: Successfully complete 6 emergency situations.
      Thermal Breather: Successfully complete Webster Street.
      Terror Mode: Successfully complete all story missions on any difficulty setting.

  • Medal bonuses

    Get the indicated number of medals to unlock the corresponding bonus:

      Extra Pistol Clip: 2 medals
      Shield Mk 2: 4 medals
      Pistol Damage Upgrade: 6 medals
      T-Zero Body Armor: 8 medals
      Smoke Grenades: 10 medals
      Stun Gun Mk 2: 12 medals
      Riot Grenades: 14 medals
      Second Extra Pistol Clip: 16 medals
      Shotgun Damage Upgrade: 20 medals
      Grenade Belt: 24 medals
      Extra Shotgun Clip: 28 medals
      Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade: 32 medals
      Pistol Mk.2: 36 medals
      Extra Assault Rifle Clip: 40 medals
      T-Zero Battle Armor: 45 medals
      Extra Pistol Clip: 50 medals
      Upgraded Grenade Belt: 55 medals
      Pistol Damage Upgrade: 60 medals
      Extra Shotgun Clip: 65 medals
      Stun Gun Range Upgrade: 70 medals
      Pistol Mk.3: 75 medals
      Extra Assault Rifle Clip: 80 medals
      Shotgun Damage Upgrade: 85 medals
      T-Zero Assault Armor: 90 medals
      Extra Shotgun Clip: 95 medals
      Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade: 100 medals
      Extra Pistol Clip: 105 medals
      Extra Assault Rifle Clip: 110 medals
      Pistol Damage Upgrade: 115 medals
      Upgraded Grenade Belt: 120 medals
      Extra Shotgun Clip: 125 medals
      Pistol Mk. 4: 130 medals
      Fourth Extra Assault Rifle Clip: Collect 135 medals
      Second Stun Gun Range Upgrade: Collect 140 medals
      Third Shotgun Damage Upgrade: Collect 145 medals
      Maximum Grenade Belt: Collect 150 medals
      Third Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade: Collect 160 medals
      Infinite Pistol Ammo: Collect 170 medals
      Infinite Shotgun Ammo: Collect 180 medals
      Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo: Collect 190 medals
      Mini-gun: Collect 204 medals

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